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Content Guidelines :

1. Well researched, in-depth tutorials and case studies.
2. Have a thesis and offer clear arguments, not just a list of tips and tricks.
3. Have a voice. Be bold, interesting and human.
4. Support with convincing arguments, not just opinions. Do Fact-checks and cite sources where appropriate.
5. Follow our content pattern.
6. Content should be original and plagiarism free.
7. We own all rights to the delivered work. You should not publish or re-use it anywhere else after delivery.
7. You should share the post on your social media profiles.
8. Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws.

Guidelines for Links :

1. No links should be placed for SEO purpose.
2. Interlinking to relevant posts on our blog will be appreciated.
3. You may also link out to other related posts on the web (not more than 3 links.)
4. Adding affiliate links are not permitted.
5. Credit all sources if your articles demand any.

Content Structure :

1. Keep the tone casual and conversational.
2. Formatting preferences include usage of H2 and H3 Title Tags.
3. Don’t try to cover a too broad subject.
4. Back up your claims with links to your research or case studies.
5. While doing research, include quotes from other sources that enhance your content.
6. Include at least 6-7 images within the post (do not use clip-arts, create your own or find high-quality photos or use others but make sure you add the source).
7. Submit at least 3 Creative Headlines for the content.
8. Format the content into paragraphs, bullet points, etc.
13. No fluff – if you can say the same thing in the shorter sentence, do it.
14. There is no minimum word limit, as long as your article delivers value. (But our Editor says at least 700 words)

Further Steps:

1. Fill in your details (using work email id) in the form below.
2. Kindly write the article in a Google Doc and share the link in the required field. (Make sure we can access it).
3. You must add links to your social media handles, we love giving our writers complete exposure.

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