How to Remove WordPress Version Number? (Does it Matter!)

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Do you want to know how to remove the WordPress version number from your website?

WordPress displays its version in header, RSS and other places on the site. If you are on WordPress, you might have read the WordPress security advice about hiding the version number.

Though popular, it does not stand that strong. 

In this post, I will tell you whether removing WordPress version from the site impacts the security, and how you can do it safely?

Why removing WordPress version number?

The philosophy behind hiding the WordPress version number is ancient. Hiding the technology behind the software reduces the risk of that technology getting hacked.

However, a proficient hacker still finds the crack, but such security measures are only to terminate the weak efforts by newbie hackers. 

When the internet was still young, there was no cross-technology software. The software typically required a specific version, and technology to work on. Even if the language, or database, or the web servers get updates, the organisation stayed at the outdated versions, as the software they are working on was not compatible with the latest tech.

At that time, hiding the version of the technology was critical.

Though the time has changed, and now the platforms (usually) upgrades quicker with the technology. 

However, the philosophy and the thought process behind hiding the software version number remains intact in the community.

Does hiding WordPress version help in security?

The straight answer would be No. It does not do anything to tighten the WordPress security.

When the software started hiding the version numbers, it was not easy to find the software version. Now, hundreds of automation tools and CMS detectors can tell the WordPress version of any site by scanning it.

Hiding the WordPress version number does not protect the site from any malicious attack

Still, like everyone, I would suggest you hide it. But your priority should be to stay at the latest version of WordPress always.

There is no harm in hiding the WordPress version.

Where to find the WordPress version number?

Before learning to remove the WordPress version, let’s see where you can find the WordPress version.

By default installation, WordPress version number can be seen in RSS feed, dashboard, header section etc.…

Checking WordPress Version in Dashboard

Login to your WordPress dashboard, then under the “At a Glance” option, you can see your WordPress version number. Here’s the screenshot how it looks like.

WordPress Version in WP Dashboard

WordPress shows its version number on the dashboard homepage. Find the ‘At a Glance’ option, and do take a glance at it. 

At a Glance shows the summarise information of your WordPress site. Like theme activated, the number of posts, pages, comments etc. 

Checking the WordPress version in Header Section

You can find the WordPress version in the header section of the site. Left-click anywhere on the page, and click on ‘view page source’, to open the site’s source code.

Find this on the page:

WOrdPress version in Header Section

Checking the WordPress version in RSS feed

Another way to check the WordPress version of the website is to add the lookup its RSS feed. Add the ‘feed’ at the end of the domain to open the feed.


WordPress Version in RSS Feed

How to Remove WordPress Version Number?

There are multiple ways to hide the WordPress version number.

However, in this article, I will use the easiest way to remove the WordPress version of the website.

Remove WordPress generator meta tag with code

Add the following code to the functions.php file.

  1. Open the Appearance >> Theme Editor
  2. Open the functions.php file
  3. Paste the code at the last of the file
  4. Save it


function remove_wp_version_rss() {

By adding this code, you are removing the WordPress version from your entire site.

Removing WordPress version number with Code

If you don’t feel comfortable editing the functions.php file, you can install a plugin to perform this action.

First, check if the security plugin you are using have this function or not. You can google to find this out.

If an already installed plugin can perform this task, you do not need to install a new plugin.

Although, if you are not using any WordPress security plugin, or yours does not provide this function, there are other plugins.

WP Hardening – Fix Your WordPress Security

WP Hardening Fix your WordPress Security

GetAstra is a WordPress security provider. WP Hardening is a plugin developed by the GetAstra team. 

Besides hiding the WordPress version number, this plugin also gives the one-click solutions to many other WordPress security concerns.

Get Astra WordPress Security Plugin to Remove WordPress Version Number

Remove WordPress Version Number

Hide WordPress Version Number Plugin

This is another WordPress plugin, only for one function, as described by its name.

Remove WordPress Version Number plugin does not do anything else, except adding a line of code to the functions.php file. Honestly, you can do it yourself; it is not that hard.

Installing plugins for every small task that could be done by adding one code line is not healthy for the site. Plugins are the primary threat when it comes to WordPress hacking.

Wrap Up

In this short and quick article, I provide you with an insight into the WordPress version. To show it or hide it is to up to you.

Removing version number does not affect the WordPress security in any way. Still, if you want to do it, you should try to add the code, instead of installing another plugin.

If there is any problem, you can always comment here for help.

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