In the online world, spelling errors are the sure most way to reduce your credibility. And these small spell errors, words slip, and repeated words do big harm to your online reputation.

So, How to solve Grammar and Spelling Errors?

As the old saying is, It is always better to take precaution than cure.

So take precautions, and use technology to get the best out of your writing.

Grammar Ckecker

There are a number of free writing tools for WordPress available online grammar checker that will make your writing top-notch.

We handpicked these 5 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools for WordPress that will not only find the spelling errors and grammar mistakes but will help you to become a better writer overall.

Best Online Grammar Checker Tools for WordPress

  1. Grammarly – Free and Premium
  2. Ginger – Free and Premium
  3. After the Deadline – Free
  4. Jetpack – Free
  5. LanuageTool – Premium


Grammar Checker Tools - Grammarly

It is safe to say that Grammarly is the most popular online grammar checker tool, not only for WordPress but for the whole internet writing experience.

Its add-ons are available for all the popular browser, and multiple platforms.

The best part is its live tracking of your writing. Its provide real-time correction for the spelling mistakes.

Other than these, it does give insight into your performance and tells you how good as a writer you are. Its colour-coded suggestions are bliss to people who like organized structures.

Grammarly also tells why a grammar mistake is actually a mistake, and how you can avoid it. In a way, Grammarly brings out a better writer from you.

Pros of Grammarly:

  • Live Tracking
  • High Accuracy
  • Can run on many platforms, like Facebook, Gmail, G-Docs, etc
  • Tracks your performance
  • Provide an explanation of the Correction

How to use Grammarly on WordPress?

You have to download a small extension from the google chrome store. A free account and you are ready to write with full confidence.

Download Grammarly Extension now. Grammarly also has addons for all the popular browser.

Grammarly Pricing Plans

Grammarly Pricing Plans


Grammar Checker Tools - Ginger

Ginger is another great option, similar to Grammarly, for you to enhance your writing. It has simple to install chrome extension, and you are all set to write error-free.

Ginger provides translation and dictionary help. 

Well, of course, grammar checking is the most important feature while looking for the grammar checker tools, and ginger asks for a premium membership to provide grammar checking option. That only means that Ginger is providing an excellent writing tool that it does not give freely.

Though, translation and dictionary options are free.

One of the best options Ginger provides is its text to speech feature. You can listen to your text, to see how it sounds. By doing this, you can look for if your writing has a natural grip.

Pros of Ginger:

  • Live Tracking
  • Text reading
  • Dictionary, and Translation of more than 40 languages
  • Can run on multi-devices
  • Personal English trainer

How to use Ginger on WordPress?

You need to install the chrome extension from the store. It’s free to install. Then make an account and you are good to go.

Download Ginger Extension now. Ginger add-ons are available for all the popular browsers.

Ginger Pricing Plans

Ginger Pricing Plans

 After the deadline

Grammar Checker Tools - After the deadline

This tool has been closed by WordPress Org repository this year. But there are many Programs using this Grammar Tool. It deserved a mention in the list.

In a true sense After the Deadline tool is a giver, a provider. It does not ask anything in return and helps you in writing your best content.

It’s open-source software, which means any developer can alter its coding as per the language requirement. Its like clay, that you can turn into any form. Highly flexible.

After the Deadline provides lots of help in writing by detecting the misused words, finding out the complex words, locating the passive phrases, showing the confused and repeated words. 

There is also an option for explaining the error, that you can use to learn about the particular writing issue of yours.

After the Deadline is free, but it is one of the most powerful Grammar Checker tool available online.

Pros of After the Deadline:

  • Free of any cost
  • Web-based software
  • Lots of flexibility
  • Can be integrated with BuddyPress, Live Writer, Windows Live, and others.

How to use After the Deadline on WordPress?

It simple as installing a plugin on WordPress. Because it is a plugin.

Install it and pick up your option from the setting.

Download After the Deadline Plugin now. 



There is a reason jetpack is known as the swiss knife WordPress plugin.  Once you installed Jetpack, a number of plugins become obsolete, as Jetpack has many functions under one umbrella.

One of the fantastic features is the Grammar Checker Tool.

Backed up with After the Deadline technology, it reduces any effort one needed to put in making the plugin work. 

Simply turn on the option, it will start checking your grammar, spelling and sentence styling.

As we already talked about After the Deadline technology, it gives numerous advantages to the writer by pointing out the double negatives, hidden verbs, and offending language.

Despite having a premium member plans for various options, Jetpack provides its Online Grammar Checker Tool free of cost.

Pros of grammar checker tool:

  • Highly credible and secure
  • Lots of advantages
  • Grammar checker option is FREE
  • Include checking for jargon, bad phrases, complexities, and biased language
  • Supports various languages like German, French, Spanish and Portuguese

How to use Jetpack on WordPress?

You have to install the Jetpack plugin from the directory. You will also need an account on 

Download Jetpack plugin now.

Jetpack Price Plans

There are various premium plans for Jetpack. The Grammar Checker Tool is Free.



Last one of the Gramamr Checker Tools on this list is the LanguageTool.

It is open-source software, but it is not free. Mostly known for finding errors in a variety of language, it also works great for variation of the same language.

LanguageTool can differentiate between American English and British English and offer a solution on the basis of that.

It also allows the users to add the words from their native tongue that is not available in the dictionary, in their personal dictionary. 

LanguageTool offers free service up to 20,000 characters per check. On the basis of finding out the linguistic errors, LanguageTool finds more errors than any other tool.

Pros of LanguageTool:

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Personal Dictionary
  • Grammar, Spelling, And Style Check Across Variations Of Languages
  • No need for Login

How to use LanguageTool for WordPress?

It can be installed easily as a Chrome extension. You dont even need to make an account.

Download LanguageTool Extension now. Add-ons for other browsers are also available.

LanguageTool Pricing Plans

LanguageTool Pricing Plans

 Final Piece of Advice

Each of the above mention tools could help to improve your writing a lot. But each tools is for a different person.

A person could like Grammarly, and the next person could be a fan of After the Deadline.

But this little advice may help you to choose suitable Grammar Checker Tools for WordPress that fits you:

  • If you have a small business and a very formal one, where you need to be in communication with clients a lot of time, go with Grammarly or Jetpack. They are free, or less expensive and do have a sense of professional writing.
  • If you work on WordPress, Jetpack could bring a lot for you, other than Grammar Tool.
  • If you are a big-thriving business and needs help to communicate with clients in various languages, you should go with Ginger. Ginger is quite similar to Grammarly, but Ginger does come in many languages, and there is a translation option that would be much helpful.
  • Finally, if you are a developer, and have a creative side, you would enjoy After the Deadline because of the freedom it provides you.
  • LanguageTool is the best option if you want accuracy with versatility. If you like to write on various devices, and your writing does not follow the norms of a specific language, LanguageTool gives you that freedom.

There are lots of tools out in the market to help you, but these five have the best quality feature.

Try them and maybe you will find the one that suits you the most.

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