Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Event Registration


Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for event registration?

There are two main functions of Event Registration Plugins.

  • Calendar
  • Ticketing

The calendar is to display all the events happening. Now the calendar could be set on the month view, day view, or the week view. It could be a grid view or a list view. 

Ticketing means to let the user buy the ticket to the event through your site. Now, not all the plugins do have an inbuilt payment system, but all the event registration plugins do the integration with ticketing platforms.

You can either choose a plugin that does have both functions. Or you can install a plugin with a calendar function and another one with a ticketing feature.

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Event Registration

  1. Event Espresso 4 Decaf
  2. Events Manager
  3. WP Event Manager
  4. Event Organiser
  5. All-in-One Event Calendar
  6. The Events Calendar
  7. My Calendar
  8. EventOn
  9. Calendarize it! for WordPress
  10. Venture Event Manager

Event Espresso 4 Decaf

Event Espresso 4 Decaf WordPress Plugins for Event Registration

Event Espresso is a simple yet powerful plugin for an event management solution for WordPress. It is a favorite and most trusted plugin for many users and businesses.

There is a premium plan for the plugin, but you can integrate the PayPal Payment and sell tickets without buying the add-ons. 

The automated confirmation emails, reminders, and event registrant listing are amazing functions of Event Espresso 4 Decaf. There are android and apple support for ticket scans and tracking.

Event Espresso 4 Decaf is surely a powerful event registration plugin, supported with lots of positive reviews.

Features of Event Espresso:

  • Event management and ticketing
  • Create Event Registration Forms
  • Multiple tickets Support
  • Quick Single-page Checkout
  • payments through credit cards
  • Invoices via Email
  • Check-in attendees by scanning event
  • Download event attendee reports

More Features.

Events Manager

Events Manager WordPress Plugins for Event Registration

The Event Manager plugin is an amazing free WordPress plugin for event registration. The free version has all the essential features that an average user needs from the plugin.

Any WordPress user can quickly learn its backend interface. The plugin integrates with the iCal and Google Calendar. Various widgets of the plugin can be used to show the location, calendars, and events.

This plugin provides you the function of event creation at no cost. One fantastic feature is that it lets the users and guests add their events. So, you can use this plugin to make a site that lists public events.

Features of Events Manager:

  • Easy event registration (a single day with start/end times)
  • Recurring and long (multi-day) event registration
  • Bookings Management
  • Multiple tickets
  • Support for Multisite
  • BuddyPress integration
  • vent submissions by Guests
  • Assign event locations and view events by location
  • Create event categories
  • Create custom event attributes
  • Google Maps Support
  • SEO plugins compatibility

More Features

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager WordPress Plugins for Event Registration

WP Event Manager is a lightweight plugin with a simple interface that is filled with all the required features for event registration.

It is an amazing option for the webmaster who wants to keep their site fast. Because this plugin does not clutter the backend. The caching features and responsive design does not affect the site’s speed.

This is comparably a new plugin in the market, but the excellent customer support and attractive features have made this plugin popular.

The primary functions are available free, and you can get add-ons with the premium version.

Even in the free version, WP Event Manager plugin provides some cool options such as multilingual translation and shortcodes for event listings.

Features of WP Event Manager:

  • Responsive Design
  • Multiple Browser Support
  • SEO Friendly Plugin
  • Support Multiple Languages
  • Completely Ajaxified for super smooth browsing
  • Add, manage, and categorize quickly
  • Frontend forms for guests to submit events
  • Preview the listing before it goes live
  • RSS Feeds
  • Event categories

More Features

Event Organiser

Event Organiser WordPress Plugins for Event Registration

Event organizers make it possible to create custom post types for events and make it easy to manage and set up the events. This is a developer-friendly plugin that allows the user to enable the use of WordPress hooks.

With the intuitive user interface, the Event Organiser provides all the core functionality in the free version. There are few premium add-ons, but you do not need them for regular use.

However, the plugin might be too much for the people who only want one function. Event Organizers offer a lot. However, it is completely compatible with other WordPress plugins.

Features of the Event Organisers:

  • Create one-time events or recurring events
  • Ability to add or remove specific dates to an event
  • Event functions available
  • Google maps support
  • Archive pages – year, month and day
  • Shortcodes Support
  • Color-coding for event categories
  • Import and Export the events
  • Extensive function APO

More Features

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar WordPress Plugins for Event Registration

All-in-One Event Calendar is another WordPress event plugin that you can use to manage the events on your WordPress. With features such as recurring events, filtering, Google maps, with multiple language support, this plugin is a fantastic option.

The free version allows you to import events from Facebook. Moreover, the plugins have features to share the data to Google Calendar, iCal, and MS Outlook.

Features of All-in-One Event Calendar:

  • Recurring events including complex patterns
  • Advanced filtering by event category or tag
  • Easy and quick sharing with Google Calendar, MS Outlook, Apple iCal
  • Support Google Maps
  • Color-coded events based on category
  • Add featured event images and category images
  • Posterboard view
  • Widgets for Upcoming Events
  • Direct links to filtered calendar views

More Features.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is another WordPress plugins for Event registration to display highly professional calendars on your WordPress site.

This plugin offers the core services with the free version, and it works wonderfully to create simple calendars. The Events Calendar aims to make the process of the event listing as fast as possible. There is minimal setting in the beginning, and one can quickly set it up on the WordPress site.

You have to select a front end layout from its layout inventory that consists of lists and regular calendars. Also, this plugin integrates with Eventbrite.

  • Quickly create events
  • Saved venues & organizers
  • Monthly Views of Calendars with tooltips
  • Event List view and Day view
  • WordPress Block Editor support
  • Event search
  • Google Maps Embed
  • Widget: Upcoming events list
  • Events Taxonomies (Categories & Tags)
  • Export to Google Calendar and iCal 
  • WP REST API endpoints

More Features.

My Calendar

My Calendar

The main aim of the My Calendar plugin is to display the events on multiple sites via WordPress multisite. It does not manage the event function on the WordPress site, but simply shows the calendar for events.

But you can get an upgrade for the premium extension. Also, the free plugin My Ticket plugin integrates with the MY Calendar and adds the feature of selling the event tickets.

The plugin is flexible and customizable. It has a calendar grid and list view, with the widgets for tiny calendar displays. The location manager and notification system make it a usable event plugin for the average WordPress user.

Feature of My Calendar:

  • Calendar grid and list views of events
  • Monthly, weekly, or daily view
  • Mini-calendar for compact displays with shortcodes or widget
  • Widgets: today’s events, upcoming events, compact calendar, event search
  • Create custom templates for event output
  • Limit views by categories, location, author, or host
  • Editable CSS styles and JavaScript behaviors
  • Schedule recurring events
  • Edit single occurrences of recurring events
  • Notification to an administrator for events schedules

More Features.



EventOn does not have a free version. But the plugins offer a set of features that is very useful to create an event registration process.

The best part of the EventOn plugin is how visually attractive it is. The event calendars it displays looks like a timeline or a portfolio of events. The layout of the event lists offered by the EventOn plugin is the prettiest layout among all the WordPress plugins for event Registration.

EventOn is an excellent option for the event managers who host lots of events on their site. When you compare the features, this is a steal deal.

Surely, Event Espresso is the only competition to this WordPress Plugins for event registration, but you have to get the premium version of the Espresso plugin.

Features of EventOn:

  • Supports single and multiple day events
  • Create events without end day or time
  • Create all-day events
  • Duplicate events in wp-admin
  • Exclude certain events from calendar
  • Span events until end time while hiding end time
  • Location image set up
  • Set location by latitude longitude
  • Save locations and re-use them for events

More Features.

Calendarize it! for WordPress

Calendarize it! for WordPress

Calendarize It is a premium WordPress Plugins for Event Registration sold by Codecanyon. The plugin focus on making an excellent calendar layout instead of event management.

However, the price of $30 is a good deal due to the plugin’s feature. Many add-ons come free with the plugin, but for some advanced functions, you have to buy the premium extensions, such as the payment option.

The free add-ons are impressive, such as auto-publishing on social media, collecting ratings and reviews, and integration with Eventbrite.

Features of Calendarize it:

  • Different views
  • Event List and Grid View
  • Upcoming Events Widget
  • FLAT UI Calendar Widget.

More Features.

Venture Event Manager

Venture Event Manager

With both a free and premium option, Venture Event Manager is a user-friendly solution for managing the events registration on the WordPress site.

The flexibility and the option to optimize the code make it developer-friendly. The plugin also allows scaling; hence it is also a favorite of agencies.

You can be creative with this plugin because of its drag and drop builder. Placing the event calendars to any part of the site is very easy with the event widgets. Shortcodes allow you to stick the calendars anywhere. 

However, there is not any payment collection feature in this plugin, but it can be integrated with all the popular ticketing plugins.

Features of Venture Event Manager:

  • Easy to install, setup, and maintain
  • Unlimited calendars, lists, and single event pages
  • User friendly for admins and site visitors
  • Drag-and-Drop layout controls
  • GDPR compliant optimized code
  • Developer and agency friendly
  • 100% responsive with elegant designs
  • Secure and stable with no database bloat

More Features

Wrap Up

That’s it. 

These are the best WordPress Plugins for Event Registration that you will find useful if you start an event site.

I hope this post help you.

If there is any issue or question, leave it in the comment box.

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