Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin for Marketplace

WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce Multi Vendor plugin for your WordPress site?

WooCommerce multi vendor plugin can convert any WordPress store into a mulitvendor marketplace, similar to Amazon or eBay.

These Multi vendor plugin are available in both free and paid version.

Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin for Marketplace 

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WC Vendors Marketplace

WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin WC Vendors Marketplace

This popular Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce can convert your eCommerce into a robust marketplace.

It is equipped with all the necessary tools for both sellers and admins. This plugin is active in the market for more than seven years.

The regular updates keep the Plugin secure and reliable. This plugin has everything to build a superfast and responsive marketplace.

The plugin has many great functions that are free.

Price: There is a free version with limited functions. The pro version is for $199 a year. You can buy it for a lifetime at $599.

Support: WordPress 5.0.0 or higher

Dokan Multivendor

Dokan WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin

Dokan is most popular WooCommerce Plugin to create a marketplace on WordPress. With Dokan, you can easily make a functioning market place similar to Amazon and eBay.

The setup process is easy to follow, and customization can be done without any coding. It supports all the WooCommerce themes and templates.

Moreover, the customer support of Dokan is first class that ensures the security of the plugin.

Frontend dashboard is packed with features like detailed reports and analytics. It helps the store run effectively.

Notable Features:

  • Product Duplicator
  • Live Chat
  • Stripe Connect
  • Ajax live Search
  • Coupon Management

Price: There is a Free version available of Dokan; it has less feature that it cannot be used for a Marketplace. The premium version starts at $199 a year.

Support: WordPress 4.4 or higher


MultiVendorX Plugin

Another amazing WooCommerce Plugin for Marketplace is MultiVendorX. You will be able to create a complete full-fledged Marketplace with ease.

Due to the regular updates and excellent customer support, this multi vendor plugin has the highest number of five stars in its category.

Setting up is easy, and for any trouble, there is complete documentation to help you. Front end dashboard is not clean, but you can buy an addon to make it sleeker.

Notable features:

  • Multiple vendors can sell the same product using SPMV Module 
  • Multiple flexible payment gateways 
  • You can create different commission plans that are suitable for your marketplace 
  • Communicate in any language and deal in multicurrency 
  • Can create multi dimensional vendor pack using marketplace membership module 
  • To verify vendors Seller identity module can be used

Price: MultiVendorX is a free plugin. But to avail different useful marketplace features like live chat, Marketplace membership, etc. MultiVendorX Pro (paid) is needed.

Support: WordPress version 4.4 or higher

WooCommerce Product Vendors

WooCommerce Product Vendors WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin

It is a popular WooCommerce plugin that allows multiple vendors to open up a store on one site. You can instantly turn your WooCommerce store into a working marketplace.

Product Vendor is rich with tools and functions to help the vendors and admins of the marketplace. 

Admins and also sell their product along with the vendors. WooCommerce product vendors support all types of products – tangible or intangible.

Paypal payment gateway integration plugin is available with product vendors.

Notable Features:

  • Payout manager
  • Display vendor rating
  • Comprehensive sales reports
  • Product approval by Marketplace owners
  • Selectively show vendor information on the page

Price: This plugin only offers a paid plan that starts from $79. There are useful addons that you could buy to enhance the functions.

Support: WordPress 4.9 or higher.

Features of Quality WooCommerce Multi vendor Plugin

There are few common characteristics that are helpful. So they must be present in the Multi Vendor Plugin for WooCommerce Store.

Comprehensive Signup Process

There should be an easy and complete process for making a seller account.

Useful information like Business ID and the Identity proof should be included in the signup process.

There should be an option to delete or add a box or question in the signup process.

Separate Identity

Every seller or vendor must have a separate identity of their store.

Alldecent marketplace offers a separate dashboard with a different URL and the ability to pick up a brand name.

Unique Brand Identity is essential for the branding of the seller.

Customization of Store

Having a unique look of the store is an essential aspect of eCommerce branding.

WooCommerce multi vendor plugin must have an option to customize the front store. So the look could complement the product and the target customer.

Product Uploading

The plugin must allow the vendors to upload products in bulk. Typically, sellers upload their products in CSV or excel format.

Product Category

Admin must have the option to create categories for the vendors. The vendor should get an option to request for a category for their products.

Also, vendors should be able to add the product into suitable categories with ease.

Product Types

Check if the plugin allows the vendors to sell all types of products:

  • Custom products
  • Digital products
  • Single product
  • Bundle of product

Paper Work

Many documents have to be created when processing an order. Like an Invoice, or the guarantee card or shipping address…

Quality WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin must make the paperwork easy for all the parties involved in the order.

Shipping Option

Vendors have to decide to select the Marketplace own shipping, or the seller could offer to ship itself.

Similarly, there should be an option packaging too.

Admin Access

Marketplace Admins have lots of responsibility. They must have all the tools to manage the marketplace and sellers.

Admins must get options to assign various kinds of commission s on order, and function to bulk accept or reject the vendors.

Payment Gateways

WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin must support all popular Payment Gateways. It should allow using more than one payment gateways at one time.

If you want to pay the vendor through the marketplace, you should check if the Marketplace Plugin is supporting Vendor payment gateways or not.

SEO Optimized Store

More and more sellers are getting aware of SEO, and they all like SEO optimized front.

The plugin should give options for SEO optimization of the product page. Included but limited options are:

  • Product Image Alt
  • H1 Title of the Product Page
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Loading Speed

Display Reviews

Every vendor wants to display their positive reviews on their store. Positive rating motivates and helps consumers to make a purchase.

It is the responsibility of the marketplace to provide them that options. WooCommerce plugins enables that option.

Now, these are the few features that you need from a WooCommerce Marketplace plugin.

You should also look for what kind of marketplace you are making. All the mentioned plugins are GDPR complaints.


Is it necessary to pay for addons to make the marketplace on WooCommerce?

If you need a feature on your store that is not included in the free package, you have to pay for it. Most of the Marketplace plugin sellers provide the primary function in the free version and upsell the service with useful and necessary tools. So read all the features a plugin is providing before installing and setting it up.

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Final Words

The multi-vendor marketplace is a popular and profitable business model of this time. With any WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin, it is so easy to build a marketplace.

Get the fastest WooCommerce hosting and domain name. Install a theme and WooCommerce. Select a plugin from the list that stands best for your needs.

And your marketplace is ready.

If there is any query, leave it in the comments.

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