Advantages of Dedicated Servers Hosting over Shared Hosting

Why Dedicated Servers

In this article, I am going to tell you the advantages of dedicated servers and why dedicated servers are critical to your business.

Analyze your system performance and ask these questions.

  1. Is page takes time to load?
  2. Constant error messages is showing?
  3. Overloaded server issues are occurring?

You can analyze your site with a load test.

If you are facing the above-mentioned problems, one thing is for sure – You need to decide on the system’s requirement and choose a dedicated server!

Why Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated Servers make the site load fast, and make the back-end more secure. High uptime and total control over the infrastructure reduce the risk of losing business. Dedicated Servers are easy to manage and a value for money investment.

Advantages of Dedicated Servers:

  1. Low Latency
  2. Control
  3. Uptime
  4. Value for Money
  5. Complexity
  6. Zero Virtualization Overhead
  7. Bundled Badwidth

1. Low latency (if you have visitors in India)

I’m not going add-on to the hype of the ‘site speed’ but it indeed is important.

For instance, I am a user searching for “buy shoes”, if I click on your website URL and it doesn’t load within 3 seconds, I am going to go. Since I know the internet is flooded with options.

With the dedicated server in India, you can improve the speed of your website and hence, rank better on SERPs. That’s why dedicated servers are better for SEO.

2. Have control over infrastructure

As the name suggests, it is dedicated to your needs.

One of the major advantages of a dedicated server is having root administrator access so that you can have complete control over your servers.

  • You can install and uninstall apps on your own.
  • Customize hardware depending upon your requirements.
  • Tweak and optimize settings as per your needs at any point of time.

If you have programming needs, you need dedicated servers, as many software refuses to run on shared hosting.

3. Highest Uptime and fast speed

There is no noisy neighborhood. When you are on shared hosting, there are perhaps 100+ other websites besides yours.

You are sharing processing memory, disk space, bandwidth, etc with them. Having limited access to resources is not a great idea. It is fine to an extent but not when you are growing.

4. Value for money if you choose the right server

Since it is not shared with others, it is considered to be the best possible hosting for every business.

There will be all the benefits of in-house servers with zero investments in power, hardware, cooling, and management of the servers.

You will find the best value for money only if you know how to choose the right server for yourselves!

5. Complexity

With cloud comes complexity and complexity add costs. You will need both hardware and expert help.

However, with dedicated servers, most of the hosting providers offer free setup, and then it is upon you how you want to manage it.

6. Zero Virtualization Overhead

Before explaining this, have a look at this graphic:

why dedicated servers - benefits of dedicated servers

There is no virtualization in dedicated servers, thus, the speed is faster when compared with cloud or VPS. If you are struggling with the question of why dedicated servers, understand the need for speed.

7. Bundled Bandwidth

An X amount of bandwidth is given by dedicated server providers. Not all large cloud providers offer bundled bandwidth.

Therefore, with this prerequisite, dedicated servers could be the primary choice.

With high concurrent traffic, a dedicated server will not let your site crash during peak hours.

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Why Dedicated Servers?

To understand why dedicated servers for you, you need to know if you need these two baseline benefits or not:

  1. Total control over the server setup, config, and management.
  2. Since you are the sole owner, you have the complete ownership and security for sensitive data.

If you are struggling with website performance and poor SEO, you should get a reliable dedicated server in India now.

I hope you know the benefits of choosing a dedicated server now.

why dedicated servers

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