9 Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress (Free and Premium)

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Are you looking for the best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress?

It is extremely easy to show the testimonials to the public on WordPress. Just install a testimonial plugin for WordPress and activate it.

We have selected Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress that you can use to show off how happy your customers are with you.

Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress

  1. Testimonial Rotator
  2. Testimonial Widget
  3. Strong Testimonials
  4. Testimonials Basic
  5. Easy Testimonials
  6. Testimonial Slider
  7. Testimonial Showcase – Premium
  8. Testimonial
  9. Testimonials Slider – Premium

Testimonial Rotator for WordPress

Testimonial Rotator for WordPress

Testimonial Rotator is simple and easy to use WordPress testimonials plugin. You can create a carousel of testimonials and put rotating testimonials anywhere on the site, as your liking.

Testimonial Rotator allows you to add as many rotators as you want. It also provides a manual way to enter customer information.

With the help of shortcodes and widget system, it is very easy to show testimonial with Testimonial Rotator.

Download Testimonial Rotator Plugin

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Testimonial Widget for WordPress

Testimonial Widget for WordPress

Testimonial Widget is not only for Widgets, as the name suggests. It is an overall flexible Testimonial Plugin for WordPress with loads of features.

This testimonial plugin provides you with amazing carousel, Slider, and Fade effects to display your testimonials.

Testimonial Widget is not limited to the Testimonials, you can display text, image, posts, and videos in one slideshow. There is also a filter option for content by WordPress Tags, Categories or Posts.

Download Testimonial Widget Plugin

Strong Testimonials for WordPress

Strong Testimonials for WordPress

Strong Testimonials is known for being the most customizable WordPress Plugin Testimonial. Developers get tons of features to option to work with.

The plugin can fetch the testimonials from the contact form to display it.

Other than that, if your business site is in multiple languages, Strong Testimonials is Translation ready. It can be integrated with Polymag, WPML, and WPGlobus.

Download Strong Testimonials Plugin

Testimonials Basic for WordPress

Testimonials Basic for WordPress

Testimonial Basic goes beyond displaying Testimonials, it also manages them.

Various functions like backing up and restoring Testimonials, GDPR compliance, RTL compatibility and fetching of Avatar are inbuilt in the Testimonial Basic. These functions make Testimonials Basic an attractive Testimonial plugin for your WordPress site.

It provides the freedom to customize fonts, styles and background colours of Testimonials. Basically, TB is a completely dedicated WordPress plugin for Testimonial’s needs.

Download Testimonial Basic Plugin

Easy Testimonials for WordPress

Easy Testimonials for WordPress

The purpose of Easy Testimonials is to make the task of displaying the Testimonials as easy as possible. 

Does not matter where you want to embed your Testimonials, page, post, widgets or footer, you can do it without touching the codes. Fading, sliding and responsive testimonials for every screen size. 

It also allows users to add Testimonials. Admins can add testimonials manually from the admin dashboard.

Download Easy Testimonials Plugin

Testimonial Slider for WordPress

Testimonial Slider for WordPress

Testimonial Slider displays a modern-looking slider, that does give a sense of fashion to your WordPress site. 

You can create an unlimited number of Testimonials, with all different kinds of predesigned layouts with custom colors, fonts, and styles. If you don’t like sliders much, you can use the list format. 

Testimonials Slider also offers front-end and back-end testimonial submissions and makes it easy for you to collect the feedbacks.

Download Testimonial Slider Plugin

Testimonial Showcase – Premium

Testimonial Showcase - Premium for WordPress

Testimonial Showcase is a premium plugin with plenty of options to create an attractive Testimonial display.

The best part of the Testimonial Showcase is the Advance Link option. You can hyperlink a subtitle, or a text, that will lead the user to Testimonial source. Thus, making the Testimonial and your business more trustworthy.

Ready for any Widgets, Display, Language, and Gravatar, Testimonials Showcase shows Testimonials either in grid or slides.

You also get all the future updates, and 6 months’ support from cmoreira .

Download Testimonial Showcase Plugin

Testimonial Plugin for WordPress


Testimonial is a simple WordPress plugin for Testimonial. It does what it says.

Testimonial is fully responsive with clean design, with a wide colour palette and big font family. You can use shortcodes to display Testimonials.

It has draggable boxed items for easy sorting, but it lacks the slider and rotator options. You can only show Testimonials in List or Grid style.

Download Plugin

Testimonials Slider – Premium

Testimonials Slider - Premium for WordPress

Testimonial Slider takes the testimonial game to another level. It allows you to add the social profiles of the authors of the testimonials.

Packed with all the other feature of Testimonial plugins, this Testimonial plugin for WordPress works to improve the credibility of the Testimonial. It let you add the author’s data in the testimonial. 

Testimonial Slider is a premium plugin. It works with every WordPress theme and can be used via a shortcode, widget option or visual composer.

Comes with all the future updates, with 6-month support from Elfsight, Testimonial Slider is a good deal Testimonial Plugin for WordPress if you have a budget.

Download Testimonial Slider Premium Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a testimonial on WordPress?

A testimonial is positive feedback that you can display on your WordPress blog to establish the authority of your service. A consumer trusts other consumers easily, and displaying testimonials can help you improve your trust factor.

Why are testimonials good for businesses?

Testimonials are good for businesses because they come from the people who already experienced your service. 
A testimonial is a direct feedback of your service. if it is positive, you can display it on your site and attract potential customers.

How do I add a testimonial to my WordPress site?

You can add a testimonial to your WordPress site by installing a testimonial plugin. Easy Testimonial, Testimonial Rotator, Testimonial Widget are few of the best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress.

How do I use a testimonial rotator in WordPress?

Installing Testimonial Rotator has the function of enabling the testimonial rotator on the WordPress site. Many other plugins also offer the rotator function.

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Final Words

All the Testimonials Plugins provide similar services, with one or a few unique options.

It is up to your business need what Plugins you require.

Do you want to show loads of Testimonials, or you just want to show a few prominent ones?

Would you want to manually add all the testimonials, or you would like to let the visitors add the testimonials? Do you want to use images and links in the testimonials?

Its all about what your business demands. But above mentioned Testimonials Plugins are of good quality with excellent support.

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