Bir Billing: Our Third Annual Trip

It’s a tradition at ServerGuy to end the year with an off-site trip. This year our office sponsored trip to Bir Billing, a beautifully nestled village in Himachal Pradesh.

Why Bir Billing?

The deep gorges, impressive snow peaks, misty woods, flowery meadows, lush green valleys, glistening lakes, and gushing waterfalls are just a few reasons we decided to visit Bir Billing.

Bir Billing

Some other reasons are:

  • A place full of culture- In the midst of a scenic beauty, Bir is known for striking temples, soulful monasteries, and stupas. It presents a perfect blend of Himachali and Tibetan culture. This place is a peaceful escape from the hustle bustle of our 9 to 5 life. The sight of bhikkhus and Tibetan monks will fill your soul with soothing vibes.
  • Camping- Surrounded by mountains and greenery, we wanted to ditch hotels this time. To experience the sleeping in the lap of nature, under the glittery sky, we decided to stay at Tatva Bir Camp. Located at a height of 1200 meters, these camps are surrounded by snow-capped mountains.
  • Paragliding- Situated at a height of about 2400 metre, Bir is considered as the world’s second best site for paragliding.

Delhi to Bir Billing

Being a group of 40 people we decided to travel via bus. The route we took was:

Delhi>Ambala>Banur via Chandigarh bypass>Kiratpur>Anandpur Sahib>Nagal>Una>Kangra>Palampur>Baijnath>Bir

1. Trekking

We started our trip with trekking opportunity to explore the exotic Himalayan flora and fauna, stunning rivers, and gushing streams.

P1077236 Bir Billing

2. Paragliding

Don’t stop, don’t sit, just run…

The only advice you will have to follow while ran headlong off the mountains.

P1088297 Bir Billing

3. Bonfire

On a cold winter night, what can be better than a bonfire party. We danced and sang till 3 AM.

P1077540 Bir Billing

4. Mountain biking

Mountain biking felt like a week of a leg workout. From well-constructed roads to un-metalled roads we traveled it all.

But once you reach the top, you will feel that burning sensation in your legs slowly fade away.

P1088573 Bir Billing

5. Cricket Match

We have a lot of cricket fans at ServerGuy, we had to play a match.

P1077861 Bir Billing

What our CEO has to say:

It is always refreshing to go out once in a while to break the routine and monotony, see our teams enjoy. Trips always bring the best out of us!

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