Conclusive Comparison Between SSD and HDD Server

Difference between SSD and HDD Server

Do you want to know the difference between the SSD and HDD server?

 SSD server offers more speed than the HDD server. An HDD takes between 5,000 and 10,000 microseconds, while an SDD takes less than 100 microseconds to access the same amount of data. However, the capacity of the HDD server is more than SSD server and they are less expensive.

Differences in HDD and SSD other than the speed.

What is HDD?

HDD means Hard Disk Drive.

Hard Disk Drive is genuinely a fantastic result of engineering. The storage disk drives have come a long way. They used to be large and slow.

Hard Disk Drive is small in size and can store a lot of data. It is made up of multiple moving parts with accurate synchronization. The platters are disk type instrument that rotates up to 10000 times per minute. 

These platter stores data. While a moving arm read and writes data on the disk, the arm never touches the disc; it merely glides above it and interprets the electromagnetic impulses. 

This whole storage device is extremely complex and absolutely genius in its architecture. 

As complex it is, it demands to be treated with care. Shocks or falls could damage HDD. The arm that reads the data is very soft and could stop working.

HDD are mechanical drives where a disk rotates, and an arm reads and writes the data.

What is SSD?

SSD or Solid State Drive is a storage drive that stores data in flash memory. There is no magnetic-based system to store data. 

Solid State Drive does not rely on moving parts or rotating plate. The data is saved to the memory banks like the flash drive.

SSD is similar to flash drives but more massive and in one block.

Moreover, Solid State Drives are immune to shocks, vibrations, and falls. They don’t slow down in the heat and process the data with more speed.

The working mechanism of SSD is complicated yet marvelous. SSD has made it possible to process, read, and write the data more accurately.

As the CD has replaced the Floppy Disks, SSD is replacing HDD in the Computer Industry though the migration is quite slow due to the high rates of SSDs.

Comparison between SSD and HDD Server

difference between SSD and HDD Server 1 ssd and hdd server

SSD Server and HDD Server – Performance?

When it comes to speed, SSD is way faster than HDD. 

The data would move quicker, and SSD will improve the overall performance of the server. That will eventually increase the lifespan of the server.

If you host your site on the SSD server, overall load time and the content delivery would be quicker.

SSD and HDD Server – Pricing?

SSD is a new technology and more expensive than hard DIsk Drive. A TB hard drive costs between $40 to $60, but the lowest-priced SSD would cost you around$125.

The price difference is gradually decreasing. However, the server using the SSD server is more expensive than the server that is using the HDD server.

HDD and SSD Server – Capacity?

High capacity SSD (nearly 4TB) is available in the market, but they are not that common.

On the other hand, 500 GB is the base capacity of the hard drive that is readily available in the market. SSD is faster but does not have space for much of the storage.

Though when buying the hosting server, most of the hosting companies offer servers with 200GB SSD. 

We, at Serverguy, offers 1TB SSD Server.

This is not limited and can be scalable to suit your requirement.


SSD Server is undoubtedly a better option than an HDD server. You will see improved performance and reliability when using SSD Server.

If you have a site that needs to deliver large videos or rendered high-quality images, the SSD server could enhance the functioning. Don’t mistakes while buying the dedicated server.

SSD servers might look expensive, but in the long run, an SSD will provide the endurance, and stability to your operation.

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