Service Level Agreement - Managed Services

TheServerGuy Service Level Agreement – Managed Services


This Service Level Agreement (this “SLA”) describesTheServerGuy’s commitment to providing excellent customer satisfaction to each and every one of its customers. TheServerGuy understands the importance of your server or website availability on the Internet and TheServerGuy will take every measure that it can in order to provide an excellent level of service and maximum performance and uptime comparable with the best in the industry. This SLA is provided to all TheServerGuy customers at no additional costs. This SLA is incorporated by reference into any agreement you may have with TheServerGuy. TheServerGuy may modify or amend this SLA at any time by posting a revised version at By using the Services, you agree to the most recent version of this SLA.

Access to Servers

TheServerGuy Admins require administrative access to your server(s) in order to provide services to you, as well as access to hardware maintenance and technical support personnel at the data center should be granted. If proper information is not provided, or updated to us, we can not be held responsible for any issues in your server whatsoever.


Third party server software installs are covered as per your chosen plan. Considering the number of available software applications on the internet today, it is simply not possible to be able to know them all. While our engineers are very good at researching issues for unsupported software, we cannot guarantee a resolution for issues with any software other than what is normally provided, such as, but not limited to: cPanel/WHM, Webmin, Plesk, Direct Admin, OpenVZ, MySQL, PHP, Apache, Nginx Web Server, WordPress, Magento, APF Firewall, CSF Firewall, IPTables, etc. If it’s a “normal” add-on/upgrade, it’s covered. 3rd party end-user software/scripts not related to your operating system/control panel, such as, Phpmotion, Clipbucket, Shoutcast, Livezilla, billing softwares (e.g. whmcs, clientexec), etc. are not considered server related, and will not be covered. If you need assistance with such software/scripts, see our one-time service, or contact If you have a question about supported/unsupported software, contact our support department.

Non-Covered Issues

TheServerGuy will not provide technical support or troubleshooting for any custom software applications (unless specifically discussed before the starting of the project or sign-up). If you have custom-coded software installed on your server, it will be your responsibility to install, maintain, and troubleshoot it, unless a custom service contract has been arranged with us. TheServerGuy will not be responsible for any software you attempt to install in your server. If you need something installed, please open a ticket in our helpdesk and ask techs for help. When we say “server management” this means we will manage issues in your server, and related to your server, and not individual accounts or domains, as this would be next to impossible to do. If support request is beyond the scope of “normal” server management it will not be covered. Beyond “normal” means any support requested from techs that would not normally be done on your machine, or that could cause issues. IMPORTANT: We will not be responsible for any changes you or someone else makes in your server – It is highly recommended that if you need to make any changes in your server, that you open a support ticket and ask our support team for help. Because of the intricacies of abuse complaints, our support staff normally does not handle these kind of issues. If you do require the handling of abuse issues, you would need to provide detailed instructions.


TheServerGuy will make available all of our technical resources to support your server(s). However, it is your responsibility to make every attempt to resolve basic issues (i.e. adding websites & email accounts through a control panel, pointing DNS, enforcing proper AUP, managing your clients, etc.). TheServerGuy retains the right to determine how much support we will provide. If a Customer abuses our support policies, causing a degraded level of support for other customers due to the frequency and nature of their own requests, Proactive Server Management may be required to give the abusive customer a lower level of priority in the support queue and/or require payment to troubleshoot specific issues.

Response Time vs. Resolution Time

Response time is the time it takes to send an acknowledgement back of an issue and begin the process of developing a resolution. Resolution time is the date and time a solution is provided for a given problem.

Although TheServerGuy guarantees a response time as indicated on each plan (normally under 15-90 minutes), we cannot give a guaranteed resolution time for critical events or downtimes because of many unknown and uncontrollable situations that might arise.

TheServerGuy will credit you 1% of your monthly service fee, per failed response, on that services monthly billing cycle, not to exceed your total monthly service fee. TheServerGuy will also credit you 10% per ticket fee on any “per ticket” support plan. The response time guarantee applies to the first reply to your opened ticket only and does not apply to every reply after that. NOTE: That opening new tickets and/or replying to an open ticket asking “what is the status” only delays the process and therefore could move your ticket to the bottom of the list, and would not be covered under our resolution time guarantee.

SLA Claims

If account is in arrears and/or have three or more late pays in previous 12 month period, you will not be eligible for any SLA claims.


Credit requests must be made via the TheServerGuy helpdesk, by opening a ticket, within 7 days of incident, or credit will be forfeited. To receive a credit you must request a credit, and provide valid details on why a credit should be issued. The total amount credited to a Client for TheServerGuy not meeting SLA service levels will not exceed the service fees paid by Client for such services for the period in question. Each “valid” requested credit will be applied to a Clients invoice within 30 days after TheServerGuy’s receipt of such request. NOTE: That our response/resolution time guarantees apply to support related issues only – non support related issues (such as sales or billing) will not be covered, as non support personnel normally work traditional hours, and not 24/7 such as our support staff.

Ticket Support Limits

If current monthly ticket average indicates you may go over your allotted tickets, we may ask you to upgrade your plan or purchase a top-up bundle. Accounts over allotted limit(s) may incur an overage per ticket surcharge, billed in arrears – Be advised that ticket audits are done on a quarterly basis, so it is recommended that you keep a tally of tickets handled by our staff to avoid excessive ticket overage fees. As a courtesy minor/occasional overages will not be counted. Be advised that every ticket our staff replies to will be counted in every plan that offers a ticket limit.

System Downtime:

TheServerGuy only provides software level server management (For Managed Services plans) with includes the operating system and applications, and does not sign hardware or connectivity management contracts for servers. All applications which must be in working condition must be communicated to TheServerGuy in advance.

TheServerGuy is not responsible for system down caused by hardware failures, connectivity issues,, third parties or the client.


Backups are NOT included by default with Managed Services plans and have to be opted for separately. In case where the client opts for our Managed Backups solution, TheServerGuy would be responsible for initiating the backups and regularly checking reports sent by R1Soft CDP server for any issues or problems during backup generation. The service is designed to allow customers to explore, download and restore backups from recovery points themselves without intervention from TheServerGuy administrators and with a minimum effort involved for both parties. TheServerGuy strongly recommends customers to frequently (“frequently” being defined as; A frequency rate that allows the customer to feel assured systems are in proper working order) test the backup copies by restoring or downloading data from backup to ensure that data in the backup is consistent.