Top 3 Reasons to Host In India

Why should I host in India is a commonly asked question we encounter almost every day… Before I jump onto explaining the benefits of hosting in India, let me begin with asking a simple question:

Ever wondered what happens when you have a slow website?

The chances are high that you are losing potential clients due to slow website speed. If you are facing the similar situation, it is time to check your web hosting server location. Having an Indian audience implies you should have web servers in India only.

latency benefits of hosting in india

Why Host In India: Is It a Compulsion?

There is no obligation but India is an ideal location if your client base is in India. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you host in India:

1. Less Time for Website Request

If you have web servers in India for your Indian audience, then the website request has to travel a shorter distance for getting resolved. The time is improved 10x by hosting it at the right location.

2. Fast Loading Website = Better SEO

Google loves their customers. In its official blog, Google mentions about how they prefer websites with faster loading speed. This means they are going to list your website on top of the SERPs.

3. Low Latency

In simple words, “latency” means the time taken for the host servers to receive and process a request for a web page. It majorly depends on how far the visitor is from the server location.

Low Latency = No Delays = Content Loads Fast

If you have an image or video centric website, you need to host in India for better user experience.

Why Consider ServerGuy?

Speed is Important

We are collocated in 3+ Tier data centers (NetMagic Data Center, Noida) ensuring low latency when compared to hosted internationally. The lag is minimal and your website will load under 3 seconds.

We Value Your Money

We always believe in providing quality services to our clients. Our experts ensure you get more than what you pay for. If you are still not satisfied with our services, get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We Care

We are here for you – 24*7*365. Our support staff is trained to assist you in Hindi/English.

Have questions? Schedule a FREE basic consultation with our Server Experts.

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