Dedicated Server Security: 7 Best Tips You Must Know


Nothing is safe today. It is completely justified if you go paranoid over security concerns. The number of security breaches is exploding. One of the main causes of concern is dedicated to server security. Going for a dedicated server in India offering services like DDoS protection, firewalls, and other options can help you survive these insecurities better.

Let’s now see how you can add an extra layer of protection to your servers.

Dedicated Server Security Tips:

Here is the list of best dedicated server security tips:

  1. Vigorous Password Strategy
  2. Regular Scanning and Testing
  3. Firewall Protection
  4. Maintain Database
  5. Update Software Regularly
  6. Data Backups
  7. Professional Help

Dedicated Server Security Threats

Here is the list of dedicated server security vulnerabilities you might face:

Password Breach

Control and tight security are the main reasons why so many businesses select dedicated servers. However, hackers are still able to enter into the hosting account and damage/destroy the data with more advanced tricks.

Security Tip #1: Execute a vigorous password policy

When you acquire a new dedicated server, it is important to change the passwords. This is because your host may set a default password that increases the risk of vulnerabilities.

Organizations should follow these below-mentioned strategies to protect the password:

  • Use a random combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Try not using words that are connected to your personal identity.
  • Don’t keep a password for a long time.

Risk of malware

Since it is easy to install an application in dedicated servers, the risk of malware is usually high. Malware can copy your most sensitive and confidential databases. They can be bundled with legitimate scripts and applications. 

Security Tip #2: Regular Scanning and Testing

  • Look for a hosting provider who offers ongoing vulnerability scanning.
  • Check your site for unexpected behavior.
  • Test all software on a secure, isolated home device before uploading it to your website.

DoS attack

A DoS (Denial of Service) attack causes server failure and unavailability by overwhelming the system with traffic.

The DDoS attack is one of the types of DoS attacks wherein multiple malicious computers work together to waste your hardware resources, flood your server with traffic, and damage the experience of legitimate customers.

Security Tip #3: Go for Firewall

  • Choose a dedicated server having the best possible hardware and generous system resources.
  • Choose a hosting provider who offers a quality perimeter firewall to stop malicious data before it reaches your server.

Website Security

Intruders can take advantage of loopholes (if any) in your servers and thereby, misuse the confidential and sensitive data.

Security Tip #4: Maintain your Databases

The importance of maintaining and updating your data cannot be ignored. Make sure your database is protected against SQL injection.

It is even more important when you collect sensitive information about clients.


Other than that, you should look for:

  • Minimizing the privileges of database users
  • Delete unwanted data
  • Avoid areas of interaction between customers and the database when not required

Security Tip #5: Update Software Regularly

Not keeping your software updated? That’s the biggest mistake you are making right now.

Using outdated software might not have the security updates, patches, and other protections that are needed to keep your information safe.

  • Install the new version of software whenever it is available on your dedicated server.
  • Use a reliable dedicated server security scan in order to stay updated and protected.

Security Tip #6: Data Backups

After the WannaCry Ransomware attack and Petya attack, you might know how important it is to have your data backed up.

  • Set up regular data backups. Save important data as a copy elsewhere so that in the event of an attack, you will be able to retrieve that data rather than losing it.
  • Outline a plan for data restoration if in case the hard drive failure or external data is compromised.

Off-site Backups

Off-site backups are as important as the usual backups. Here are some points to be considered:

  • The place must be physically secure.
  • It should be a sufficient distance away from the original backup site.
  • It must be accessible and verifiable.

Bonus Tip

Security Tip #7: Get Professional Help

If you don’t have the time and expertise, compromising on your dedicated server security can cost you thousands of dollars. Contact us and our experienced and certified professionals who will take care of the following aspects:

  • Crawl simple and complex web servers architectures
  • Detect vulnerabilities or malware injected in your server
  • Find and review vulnerabilities and prioritize security risks

Is dedicated server Safe?

Dedicates servers are inherently safe, but you have to take the security measures. You are in complete control over the server configuration and setting, hence, responsible for the server security. If it is a managed dedicated server, the the company keeps the server safe.

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Final Words

Keeping the dedicated servers is not that challenging. You have to ensure several configurations and setting. In this article, I mentioned several ways to secure the dedicated servers.

Did we miss out on any tip? Let us know in the comment section below.

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