3 Reasons Why You Should Have Cloud Servers in India

Cloud servers in India are like oxygen to businesses today. No, that’s not hype but they are indeed packed with lots of benefits that can’t be ignored.

Before I jump directly on the benefits of cloud servers in India, ever wondered why India wasn’t on the list of desired locations a decade back?

  1. People knew nothing (or too less) about hosting in India and benefits of low latency.
  2. The cost of bandwidth in India was too high (although it is still on the higher side but affordable than before). For this reason, hosting companies only offered services to banks and alike at premium prices.
  3. The state of infrastructure was not up to the mark. But now, India is home to TIER 4 data centers offering high speed and connectivity.

In this article, we will see:

  1. Why Cloud Servers in India?
  2. What Can You Do With Cloud Servers?
  3. Cloud Server in India: Choosing the Best Suitable Option
  4. How To Choose The Best Cloud Hosting Provider?
  5. Why Should You Choose ServerGuy For Cloud Servers?

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benefits of cloud servers

Why Cloud Servers in India?

For cloud servers in India, the main driver of this decision is your audience base!

1. Low Latency

No user wants to struggle with turtle speed websites. If you have a majority of your users in India, go for cloud server providers in India only.

A geolocated cloud server will have lesser hops and load faster.

benefits of cloud server

2. SEO Benefits

Google has always emphasized the importance of fast-loading websites.

If your website is abandoned by your users because of its speed, your website will most likely lose the chances of appearing on the first few SERPs.

3. Apps Become Real-Time

A geolocated cloud server will be a boon to your Indian user base.

The apps will load in seconds and every action will take few milliseconds to perform, hence enriching the user experience.

What Can You Do With Cloud Servers? 

1. Run Applications

People usually go to cloud servers for running their websites and the backend server of a mobile app.

You can easily scale depending upon your growing requirements.

2. Email

Just like there are Gmail and Yahoo, there is a cloud email solution for every business too.

With cloud servers, you don’t have to think about capacity or server uptime varying from hosted low-cost email to managed servers for large enterprises.

3. CRM

Today, businesses are adopting cloud servers for critical tasks. Customer Relationship Management is one of these tasks which deals with two important aspects: customer data and revenue.

he backup and security risks are lower on the cloud.

4. Live Streaming & Video on Demand

If you are looking for the global delivery of all video formats, cloud servers are the best possible option.

5. Send Large Attachments

Sending large files could be a daunting task if you are not using cloud servers.

Dropbox, SendFile, and other apps take ages to send and receive files. With cloud servers, you can easily do that at a lightning-fast speed.

Cloud Server in India: Choosing the Best Suitable Option

1. Public Cloud

Your service provider will allocate you resources like storage, bandwidth, computing power, and applications. With the public cloud, your data will be visible to everyone.

They are usually offered on a pay-per-usage model. For example, if you want to run a website, go for the public cloud.

2. Private Cloud

You will have similar advantages of public cloud for scalability and storage but here, you will be the owner of the architecture.

If you want to meet the needs of a single organization only, a private cloud could be the best fit. For example, if you need to store your personal data or company’s data, choose private cloud.

3. Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is the most sought-after solution for today’s companies. They use a mix of private cloud and public cloud services.

You can enjoy the benefits of the private cloud along with the public cloud.

4. Cloud Storage

Storage is gaining importance day after day.

With cloud storage, you can store data, share files, access data at super high speeds. That too anywhere and anytime.

5. Cloud CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a large distributed system of servers in multiple locations which serve content to the end-users.

The biggest advantage is the high performance allowing a visitor better access to the website.

How To Choose The Best Cloud Hosting Provider?

Looking for the best ones could be a Herculean task. The best cloud hosting providers should have the following features:

  1. N+1 Redundancy or at least 3+ Tier Data Center
  2. High Scalable Cloud infrastructure
  3. Enterprise/Premium level hardware
  4. 24*7*365 Server monitoring and management
  5. Flexibility to upgrade or downgrade according to your needs
  6. Anti-virus and anti-spam applications and DDoS protection for high security
  7. A good amount of experience and expertise in cloud servers.

Why Should You Choose ServerGuy For Cloud Servers?

1. Enterprise Class Hardware

High-quality hardware like SSD and SAS storage, multi-core processors, and more are available with dedicated server india as well. But you have to pay a premium price to avail those services.

With cloud server hosting, you will have A-grade hardware at minimal prices because of economies of scale.

2. Easy Installation

The whole installation process is done remotely so you don’t need to hassle through the setup processes.

Also, it requires no further inclusion of software or hardware.

3. Economical

The best thing about cloud servers is that you only pay for the resources you use and save on overall operational costs.

Other than that, you don’t have to spend huge amounts on setting up the system.

4. Saves Time

Cloud servers are quick and hassle-free when it comes to business. In comparison to traditional hosting models, the cloud is faster in functionality and thus, saves time.

5. Scalability

Want to scale? Cloud servers are the best choice if you are planning to scale.

There is complete inflexibility on your cloud instances at any time you require.

6. Security

Cloud platforms in TIER 3+ centers with DDoS protection are considered secure. They guarantee and protect your customers’ data.


The benefits of cloud servers in India cannot be underestimated due to the size of the audience.

Major cloud providers like Amazon, Azure, DigitalOcean, and Softlayer now have their data centers in India to provide low latency.

Seeing the trends, it is estimated that the data center market in India will reach USD 2.45 billion by 2020.

Therefore, after you have figured out which cloud servers you want, it will be ideal to choose an Indian location if you have an Indian user base.

Ultimately, decide whether you want a self-managed server or managed server.

Have questions? Talk to our experts.

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