The buzz around SSL certificate isn’t going to die soon. The logic is simple. SSL ensures your customers’ transactions are safe and secure. Therefore, an EV (Extended Validation) SSL for ecommerce and financial institutions is a must today.

84% of the users will abandon the purchase if data is sent over an unsecured connection – Search Engine Land.

How does SSL work?

SSL ensures a secure connection between the browser and the server. After browser requests a secure connection, the server sends its public key and SSL certificate. After validation is done by the browser, a secure session begins.

ssl for ecommerce

Why EV SSL For Ecommerce & Financial Institutes?

According to the recent statistics, hackers try to mostly infect E-commerce and financial institutes. That’s because once they hack, they have access to all your customers’ sensitive information like credit/debit card details, logins, passwords, etc.

Therefore, having an SSL will help you stay one step ahead of hackers.

ssl for ecommerce

  1. An EV SSL assures that your website is legitimate and secure.
  2. It encrypts the sensitive financial data and transactions.
  3. With the green address bar, it boosts the customer trust.
  4. You will see a boost in SEO.
  5. Your website rankings will also improve the Google Search Engine Result Page. This is because Google is preferring HTTPS websites.
  6. It ensures your website and data transfers are completely protected.

EV SSL reduces shopping cart abandonment.

EV SSL Certificate Overview

  • Level of Validation Strictness: The level of validation is highest in EV.
  • Verification: The verification involves a Certification Authority who validates the ownership, organization information, physical location, and legal existence of the company. It also validates if the organization is aware of the SSL certificate request and then approves it.
  • Mode of verification: The documents are verified after lots of checks including company identity.
  • Expected time: Few weeks.
  • Indication: A green address bar with company’s name.

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Why Should You Get EV SSL Right Now?

Today, the world is digitized and we are continuously moving towards the next level of technology. According to Statista, the sale of goods in India will rise from 20 billion US dollars in 2017 to 52 billion US dollars in 2022. The e-commerce trend is no sooner dying. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to make it safe for your visitors and customers.

Having a green address bar will boost customers’ trust and ensures your website is legitimate.


One of the major reasons most people are moving to HTTPS is because of Google ‘Not Secure’ warnings. But when it comes to E-commerce and financial institutes, EV is a must. It ensures there is the data transactions are safe along with the logins and other sensitive information.

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