Scope of Support

for Magento Hosting

1. Server Support

  • The server will come pre-configured with our Magento stack. All pre-installed components, including but not limited to Apache/Nginx, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, Redis will be configured and maintained by ServerGuy. No customizations will be done to the default server stack. 
  • In case of any issue or error, our support team will inspect the logs in order to debug and resolve the issue if it’s found server or configuration related issues. However, if issue found related to the code or plugin, this has to be taken care of by the development end. We will share all possible input and logs required from the server end. 
  • SLA of issue resolution would depend on the nature of issue and opted plan
  • Installation of optional services (based on the opted plan) like Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ will be installed on-demand, setup and configuration of these services in the Magento will have to be done at the development end.
  • Our server stack supports GIT and service can be enabled on-demand. Configuration of GIT with application CI/CD or existing workflow has to be done at the development end along with other operations like pull, push, merge, etc.
  • Dev/Stage/UAT/Pre-Prod will be set up (based on plan) by ServerGuy first time only, post-setup data synchronization from Prod to Dev/Stage/UAT/Pre-Prod and vice-versa will have to be taken care of by development end only.
  • ServerGuy will configure SMTP services (3rd Party or Local) with all required settings but cannot ensure email deliverability (inbox delivery) of emails.


  • Any support associated with the additional application/CMS/website (eg. WordPress, Node.JS etc.) which is not included in the opted plan.
  • Magento updates and version upgrade
  • Pushing dev/stage sites to live
  • Data imports/exports
  • Processing orders/shipments
  • Coordination with third-party vendor of plugin/theme or any other module
  • File management (upload, copy, delete, move of file/directory)
  • Reindexing and basic cache management
  • Changes to website content/design/appearance
  • Debug/Auditing or optimization of custom code (anything related to code editing)
  • Installation or upgrade of plugins/themes/modules, although we will provide the information we can find in the server logs in case of any issue.
  • Varnish/FPC hole punching.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email configuration and issues for Email clients like Outlook/Thunderbird. 
  • Migrating your website site from ServerGuy to another hosting provider
  • IP Reputation management over RBLs 

2. Performance & Optimizations

  • ServerGuy will do the initial standard optimizations of the database, web server, PHP, OS, and other associated service parameters as per the allocated resources. These optimizations would be reoptimized when server resources upgraded or changed in plan.
  • CDN (as defined in the plans) will be implemented by ServerGuy to optimize the performance and loading time.
  • ServerGuy will enable and configure standard cache services (based on the opted plan) like Varnish, FPC, APC/OPCache, etc.


  • On-demand server/resource/application optimization
  • CDN or local cache invalidation (partial or complete)
  • Optimization of additional websites hosted on the server.
  • Load testing and capacity planning (These are the additional paid services, contact our billing team for more information)

3. Security

  • ServerGuy stack will take required security precautions and follows best practices for security to prevent any security loophole from the server side. 
  • A software firewall is installed and configured by ServerGuy with the required set of rules. 
  • Management and installation of opted SSL on managed websites.
  • ServerGuy runs daily (during off-peak hours) malware detection scan and notifies the client if malware is found. You have to clean/remove reported malware by your developer, there is additional malware cleanup cost if you want ServerGuy to clean the same. (Contact our billing team for the same)
  • ServerGuy will apply the Server/OS updates. We may elect to apply updates that we deem critical (in our reasonable discretion) without scheduling. We will give you notice of any critical update we apply without prior scheduling.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is not included in any of our plans. It’s an on-demand service with additional cost based upon the requirement and type, contact our billing team for more information.


  • Management of third-party Web Application Firewall like Sucuri, CloudFlare, etc. However, ServerGuy team can one time configure as per official documentation of the corresponding WAF provider. 
  • Apply security updates or patching of plugin and themes.
  • Apply Magento security patches
  • Application level security issues
  • Modification or management of robots.txt

Note – Security is a shared responsibility. Just ensuring 100% security from the server side CANNOT guarantee a foolproof website. Almost 75% of security breaches have been found to be due to code side vulnerabilities.

4. Monitoring

  • ServerGuy monitors the main/prod Magento store’s uptime through HTTP keyword-based check from an external monitoring platform. This is tested every one (1) minute. If the server/website is down, the team proactively starts investigating. 
  • Utilization of key server resources (i.e. CPU, RAM, Storage, and Network) proactively monitored by our NOC team and notified on registered email ID in case of any continuous resource bottleneck or require attention.
  • The client can view the resource utilization of their server through the provided panel.
  • ServerGuy will utilize server-side daemons to automatically monitor and restart required services. In the event of a service failure, an alert is generated for technician response.
  • The client must alert ServerGuy in advance if there are plans to disable, block, or remove any services or applications that may result in a false-positive alert notification. Such information must also be provided by the client to re-add monitoring whenever this is required again


  • Monitoring system alerts on the customer’s email ID. 
  • Uptime monitoring of additional and non-production (dev/stage/UAT) websites.
  • Access to the metrics being monitored by the ServerGuy NOC team. The client can request support team to share metrics of specified time period (if required)

5. Data Backup

  • ServerGuy takes the automated backup of code and database daily at once with the retention up to 7 days or based upon the opted plan.
  • Customers can access and restore the required files and database from available backups through the provided control panel.
  • ServerGuy will attempt to perform partial or full file and/or database restores on your behalf only in case of any error in the provided panel, system failure, or disaster. 
  • However, restoration time would depend on the type and size of the files/database.


  • On-demand backup of file or database. (Client have the option to take on-demand backup in the provided panel based on opted plan)
  • Send backup files through any physical device (Hard Disk, PendDrive etc.)

Note – ServerGuy strongly recommends that customers should also maintain their own regular backups offsite according to their own needs and schedule.

6. Migration

  • We will help you to migrate your Magento store on your server and stack. This would include required changes in Magento configuration to make it compatible to our stack (eg. Apache to Nginx)
  • We require adequate access to your old server in order to perform the migration.
  • Time estimate of complete migration would be given after getting access to your old server and reviewing the website. Estimated time may vary depending on the nature of data migration, resource usage and network speed.
  • Our response time SLA does not apply to migration tickets.
  • We do not support frameworks other than Magento, with exception to WordPress if a blog is associated with the store. 
  • Development team must ensure the maintenance mode during final migration, any discrepancy of user/order data after final migration must be taken care of by the client/development end.
  • After migration our support team will check and ensure common Magento components and features including.
    • Add to cart
    • Admin login
    • Home page, product pages, and category pages load.
  • Rest all features and functionalities will have to be checked and ensure at your and development end.
  • There will be no re-sync code/database or repetition of the migration process in case of any code level changes done at the client/development end on the old server after final migration.
  • ServerGuy reserves the right to stop a migration at any time.


  • Magento version or theme/Plugin/Module update/upgrade during migration. (This must be done before or after the migration)
  • Implementation of new feature/module/service during migration.
  • Migration of non-magento websites.

7. Support Availability

Technical support

  • Our Technical support is available via our portal 24/7/365 with an SLA defined in your plan.
  • You can reach to our support with the following medium through authorized contact only.
  • We do not entertain any instruction/action over the phone call, a ticket/email from authorized contact must be there for the reference and validation.
  • Chat Support (Depend on the opted plan)
  • You can refer to our escalation matrix for more details.

Billing Support

  • Our billing team is available from Monday to Friday with a timing 10AM to 6PM (IST). You can reach them as follows.
    • Email:
    • Phone: +91-9852704704 (Press 3)
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