10 Post Holiday Marketing Strategy Tips to Get More Sales

Post Holiday Marketing Tips

Should your holiday marketing campaign end with the holiday season?

No. Post holiday sales are wonderful way to bring more revenue from the holiday season.

Moreover, the post holiday marketing strategy is much simpler than during holiday sales. Yes, it means more work and planning. But people often remain in the holiday spirit after the holidays. 

In this article, we will mention the best post holiday marketing tips, so your online business keeps thriving even after the Christmas holidays.

10 Post Holiday Marketing Tips

Running a campaign after the holiday is different than running the campaign during or before the holidays. Both demand different types of promotional strategies.

Here are ten tips for post holiday marketing:

  1. Analyze your Data
  2. Buy for yourselves
  3. Keep the Off
  4. Third-party sales
  5. Automate with Tech
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Retargeting customers
  8. Complimentary products
  9. New year attitude
  10. Consistency

#1 Analyze your Data

Every marketing strategy begins with analyzing the data.

You can start with last year’s sales data if you don’t have one and see what product was selling well.

If it is your first time, then the best way to look for trend and seasonality. January is mostly wintertime, so look for products that are ideal to sell during winter. Trending products are easy to sell. 

Another way is to look for what your competitor is selling during the main sale, and then offer the same product in post holiday sales with a lower discount. People who missed the deal there will come to you.

But to do anything, you need to analyse the data your store and industry have. After studying the data, you will be able to select the products, and you will see a strategy is forming.

#2 Buy for yourselves

Christmas and Halloween are the festivals people buy the gifts for their family, friends, relative, partners, and co-workers. They often do not buy anything for themselves.

Post holiday is the time to target those people and remind them that they should get something for themselves too.

Remind them that it is not wrong to purchase the gadget/product/service they desire for a long time. And then offer it at some discount.

Moreover, people are in good spirits after giving all the gifts to their family, and for once in a year they feel genuinely happy. Happy people are good customers, as they don’t think much about the monetary element at that moment. 

A sufficient deal will be enticing enough to convert.

#3 Keep the Off

A great deal means two things:

  • Getting the product at a lower price than the regular prices
  • Getting excellent additional services with the product

In both cases, the product exceeds customer expectation, and he considers it a great purchase.

So don’t turn all the sales off as soon as the holidays are over. Customers are still warm with the holiday fire, and you do not want to throw cold ice expensive tags on them.

Lots of customers wait for the holiday season to end, so they can buy in a no-rush environment and use their coupons wisely.

Discount Post Holiday Marketing Tips

Extend your offers at least to the first few days of the new year. Do inform all your customers, subscribers, followers, by various marketing channels that you will have post-holiday offers.

Now, as I said earlier, offers do not mean a discount, it can also mean having something extra for the same price.

You can run:

  • Buy one get one free
  • Free shipping over $XXX shopping
  • Free product over $XXX purchase
  • Store credits
  • Etc

Just remember, it is not a one day holiday, but a long week of happening & events. 🙂 

So plan for everyone.

#4 Third-party mentions

A mention in a third-party site can bring a lot of sales to you. People do not search the product themselves, or do not look for deals. They rely on the search engines, and listings to do the work for them.

As you can see in the image, people find the shoe deals via Google.

It is not customers who need to reach you, but yours. You have to find him and tell him that you are running an excellent post holiday marketing campaign.

But you know where your customer hangout – social media platforms and Google searches.

You can run social media ads and target your audience. On every visit to Facebook or Insta, they will see your ad, and they will learn about the offer. This is paid marketing.

shoe google deals Post Holiday Marketing

For organic reach, you can mention in these listicles that are ranking on the top.

Procedure to get a mention:

  • Search the query your consumers are making
  • Find the articles ranking on Google
  • Make a sheet of first 10-13 listings
  • Find the email of the writer of the articles
  • Make a mail, with a request to add your product
  • Offer an intensive (affiliate, commission)
  • Send the mails

This is a basic procedure and may get you a few mentions if done extensively. But to get proper mentions in reputable sites, you have to start doing this actively. This is not a one day task; most of these sites write articles a few months before the actual sales.

Or you can write an article yourself, and publish it on your website. That is one part of content marketing.

#5 Automate with Tech

Technology is marketer’s best friend. All the tools, automation methods, graphics, and schedulers help in marketing when the time is critical.

Schedule all the social media posts with Hootsuite or any other scheduler. You can also create a mail drip that will follow up with your customer.

E.g., if a person buys a product from the online store, an automated mail will be sent to him on a specific date to remind/tell him that post holiday sale has started. Then another mail can be sent to ask for the feedback and review of the product, once they received the order.

All these automation help in efficient workflow and also cut the cost to drive profits.

#6 Email Marketing

Email Marketing

You may have utilized email marketing during the holidays, and festivals, but that does not mean you cannot send the mail again.

Don’t forget to send a mail with the post holiday offers and sales to your customer, and subs. 

A critical part of email marketing is segmentation and personalisation. And both of them depend on how clean and organized your data is. You have to clean your email database and organise your mails into proper lists, months before the holidays.

After segmenting the emails into proper categories (age, hobbies, behaviours, pages, etc.), you can make personalised mail. You can offer different offers to different lists, and create separate mails for each category recipient.

Here are a few email marketing tips for holidays to get you started with.

#7 Retargeting customers

Retargeted customers are 70% more likely to convert than the new one.

Does not matter what platform you chose (or what platform is best for your business/product) but you can not ignore the visitors who have interacted with your site.

The first step you can take is to install pixels of all the popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.). So, the pixel can warm up and keep the record of the visitors of your site. Then it will be easy to retarget them with the paid ads. 

Retargeting shines during post holiday sales, as you can target those who have visited your site but did not make the purchase. Inform them that you are still running the offer, and they still have time to get the product they desire. 

#8 Complimentary products

Complimentary products are the products that support or extend the functionality of the main product. The main product does not require them to function, but the complementary product will enhance the performance in some way.

For example, Power Banks, Tempered Glass, Back Cover, Insurance — These are complementary products for the Mobile Phone.

Customers who buy mobile phones will purchase these products sooner or later. And you can target those customers with offers on such products.

This comes under the retargeting, but if there are online stores that only sell complementary products.

They can benefit a lot from post holiday marketing. As people may get the product as a gift, so they can invest in supported products. Like a person getting a toaster as a gift has space to buy a toaster cleaner.

Do make a plan to cross-sell such products after the holidays.

#9 New year attitude

Don’t forget; this is also a New Year time. People’s mindset changes at Midnight on 31st Dec. They start self-controlling for the various products and are highly motivated to bring changes in their life.

At that time, the demand for products that bring productivity and improvement in life increases. Motivational books, podcasts, Gym memberships, hobbies related equipment, and health-related products become hotshots for some time.

On the road of the “new year, new me”, people tend to change their old habits and try to become better themselves. If your product can help people to do that, you should promote those products.

Or display your product as helpful for new year attitude people. You can find such angles in any product.

  • Productivity products
  • Organization products
  • Motivational products
  • Health & safety
  • Cleanliness and Stress management
  • Finance management

Any product that can cater to new year resolutions is good to promote.

#10 Consistency

Last but not least is consistency. Be consistent about your offers, and do not make changes at every hour.

If your user sees one of your offers, and he might share the page link with his friends or colleague. And then you change the offer or discount percentage. How will the person feel then?

Similarly, if you promise you are going to run a discount on a specific product after the holiday season, but later you change the offer. 

Making regular changes put the visitors at unease, as they can’t trust if the offer is real, or a marketing gimmick. Reliability comes from delivering consistent value. 

Customers will come themselves to your store without any added promotion once they trust you. They will expect some reasonable offers, and will not be disappointed when they find the post holiday deals.

Post Holiday Marketing Tips – Bonus – Thanks

Thank You

Everyone loves a Thank You note.

Kindness and humbleness go a long way. People will forget how your page looks, or what your email says, but they will always remember what they felt when interacting with your brand.

So don’t go blandly corporate, and keep sending them spam mail promoting more of your product. Instead, say thank you at the end of the season with a warm Thank You greeting mail.

Wrap Up

People do not stop purchasing as the holidays season ends; however, their products and way of buying changes. 

These post holiday marketing tips will help to adapt to change and to attract post holiday customers.

But always, remember, at the end of the day, customers come to your online store. Speed of your online store, functionality, navigation, and other factors also plays critical roles.

With ServerGuy WordPress Hosting, you can load your store in under 3 seconds. 

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