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Unlimited plans are expensive and not for everyone – see what our managed digital ocean plans can do for you

Why Managed Digital Ocean?

proactive monitoring with managed digital ocean

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring is our core. We don’t just sit around and wait for attacks to happen. If you’re with us, your store is our top priority. We ensure regular monitoring of all your websites and server health checkups.

regular checks

regular Checks

We check the status of all your websites every 60 seconds. Thus, helping us to react before anything major affects your visitors.

10 min reaction time

reaction time

Within 10 minutes of our automated alerts, the experts will step in to analyze the root problem and deliver a solution.

proactive monitoring with managed digital ocean
world class support with managed digital ocean

World-Class Support

No matter which plans you’ve with us, our expert support will be outstanding throughout the plans. We provide 24*7 customer support and proactive monitoring with every managed DigitalOcean plan to ensure 100% uptime.

fastest response

Fast est response

We’ve 15-min response time to ensure your problem is acknowledged at the earliest.

24x7 support

Support center

Our committed support team is available 24*7 over emails and even on calls if critical.

end to end management

End-to-end Management

With almost a decade of experience, ServerGuy can manage the day-to-day server operations. We ensure your droplets are updated, backed up and optimal performance. You can focus on your business while having the peace of mind that comes with around the clock

free monthly audits with managed digital ocean

Monthly audits

Every month, we’ll deliver audit reports of your droplets. This will help you understand how we keep your website secure and up.

resource planning

resource planning

We’ll plan every single resource for you – from droplet, storage to backup, updates, patches and everything!

end to end management

Talk to Experts Today!

After discussing your current architecture, our DigitalOcean experts will walk you through best ways to manage, secure, & monitor droplets.

Discuss existing DigitalOcean infrastructure.
Our experts will analyze your infrastructure in order to run droplets efficiently & effectively.
They’ll suggest you the best-suited management plan for your business.

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