What is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting? (Pros and Cons) Simplest Explanation

what is managed dedicated server hosting

Managed dedicated server hosting is a hosting where all the resources (Bandwidth, Storage, RAM) of the private server are dedicated to only one client and website. The hosting provider handles the maintenance, upgrades, security, and optimizations related to the server.

What is Managed Hosting?

In Managed Hosting, the hosting providers take responsibility for managing the hosting side of the site. The buyer or client does not have to worry about the setup, administration, and management of the server.

The services given by the hosting site depend on the package and the hosting company.

Commonly given services are:

  • 24/7 Updates
  • Security Audits
  • Solving server issues
  • Virus and Spam protection
  • Regular management of hardware
  • Network infrastructure management

Managed hosting is kind of similar to outsourcing your hosting needs. By having Managed hosting, you can focus on your business entirely, instead of tackling technical issues.

On the other hand, with unmanaged hosting, you get root access to your servers. Unmanaged hosting offers you total control over your servers, and you can do whatever you like without any interruption from the Hosting provider.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

In shared hosting, a person shared the resources with many other clients. Even in VPS hosting, a person shares the machine with other members. But this is not the case with Dedicated Hosting.

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When the person does not want to share the resources and data with anyone else, he opts for dedicated hosting. 

Dedicated hosting is ideal for sites with large volume traffic and big organizations. They get complete access to the servers, and they can configure them as per their needs.

Hosting companies offer both unmanaged and managed dedicated server hosting. However, managed dedicated servers cost more than shared hosting or unmanaged hosting.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting?

Managed dedicated hosting means getting a package that includes all the benefit of managed hosting and dedicated resources of dedicated hosting.

With this hosting package, the admin of the sites does not have to worry about server end problems. But he does get the complete server thoroughly dedicated for his project.

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Pros of Managed Server Hosting

#1 Cost Cutting

The most significant benefit is cost-cutting. Managed hosting cuts several types of costs.

  • Hiring the IT team to handle technical issues
  • Regular updating and maintaining of the server
  • Evaluating the needs of the organisation
  • Setting up the Infrastructure
  • Making a recovery plan in case of any disaster

#2 Services

Other than cost-cutting, managed hosting also offers support that is very helpful to non-technical organizations.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Timely upgrades
  • Regular data backups
  • Security measures
  • Load balancing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Optimised networks for high-speed service

For a business that cannot afford an IT team or does not want to concern with technical problems, managed dedicated server hosting is the best option.

#3 More focus on Business

When you let the hosting company handle the server, you can spend the time and energy on the core business.

Moreover, the hosting company can excellently maintain the servers as this is their core work. They already have all the tools and resources that make the work more efficient.

Instead of hiring and training a team to do the server job, you can let the expert do it, and can focus on the core work. Manage your business instead of servers.

#4 Scalability

As the business grows, it becomes difficult to keep upgrading the system. This is not an issue with the managed hosting.

The host always keeps some additional space in case of any spikes. Then they upgrade the plan as the need increases.

Cons of Managed Server

There are a few cons of the Managed server that you should know.

#1 Not your property

When you take the managed server, you are not getting the server, only space.

The data is yours, but the hosting company owns the server.

#2 Migration

If you don’t like the service provider, you can’t just leave with your server. You have to migrate the data to another server.

Then they will empty the server and lease it to someone else.

As I said, you don’t own the server; you only get the space. Leaving and taking the server with you is not an option.

#3 Censorship

Managed dedicated hosting providers does not let the client host “ANYTHING” on their servers.

There are various exempted categories like gambling, adult content, betting sites and malicious scripts.

The hosting provider censors the users to protect the integrity of their server services. 

#4 Control

Some webmaster demands complete control over the servers, so they can configure the servers as they seem best.

Hosting company does not like to give complete freedom as they fear that inexperienced person could cause some server issues.

Overall, with managed hosting, you do not get total freedom. While experienced system operators could use the flexibility that unmanaged dedicated hosting offers.


Managed Dedicated Servers do have their pros and cons. But the advantages of one are the cons for someone else.

A client might like to have complete access to the servers, but then the other would like to let the hosting provider handle the issues.

I hope this article helped you in understanding what is managed dedicated server hosting is, and its pros and cons.

If any query, please leave it in the comment box.

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