Choosing a right product to sell online is work half-done in the E-Commerce business. That’s why you need to select trending products to sell.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What Products are trending right now?
  • What products are in high demand right now?
  • What is the most selling product online?
  • What is the best item to sell online?

This post has answers to all of these queries.

In this post, I mentioned 14 Top Trending Products. Combined with skills, hard work, and the suitable marketing, these are the best products to sell online to make money.

Here is the list for Quick Jumps:

Fitness Products

Youth is becoming more and more fitness lover. Maybe it is the social media that is making them keep an attractive personality or the latest technology.

People nowadays are ready to work and pay for healthy body.

The fitness industry has seen a growth of 33.6% in 2018. 

For a healthy body, people are ready to spend money. You can sell these trending fitness products if you want a part in the booming fitness industry.

Portable Blender

Portable Blender trending products to sell online

Fitness enthusiast does not like giving up their eating schedule, even if they are travelling. Portable Blenders are trending products to sell to such people.

Portable Blender is easy to carry Blender, and the travellers love that.

Portable Blender Trends

There is a good demand for Portable Blenders in the Market, as you can see from the Google trends.

Make sure you are selling a quality product. Because when it comes to health, people don’t trust anybody easily. You can use Fitness Influencers to market your product.

Product Details:

Price: $10-$20

Avg. price on Amazon: $20

Google Searches (per month): 22,200

Suppliers: HEA Tool Store, Afforany Global Store

Best Time to Sell: January, when the majority of people start doing the gym.

Posture Corrector

Posture Corrector | Trending Products to Sell Online

Posture Corrector is a smart health product. It is used by people to strengthen their posture. They also make people look taller and slimmer.

The product has various health benefits:

  • Reducing the Back Pain
  • Improve Breathing
  • Increase Muscular Strength

Expert has estimated that 15% to 20% of adults have back pain during a single year. Nearly 50% to 80% experience at least one episode of back pain during a lifetime.

This product has dual benefit. One for health, and another for the personality development. You can show it in your ad copy.

The product has gained a significant amount of positive reviews.

Posture Corrector trends

Google trends show that the Posture Corrector has lots of potential to sell itself online. This is one of the big margin trending products to sell.

Product Details:

Price: $10-$15

Avg. Price on Amazon: $12

Google Searches (per month): 135,000

Suppliers: Yosyo, Shop5077028 Store 

Mesh Shoes

Mesh Shoes
Breathable Mesh Shoes are becoming the new favourite of athletes. These breathable shoes have become trendy wear among sports player.

Mesh shoes offer long-lasting comfort in movement. They are made of breathable fabric. You can point out the benefit of wearing Mesh Shoes in your ad.

  • Organic Material
  • Sleek Styling
  • Amazing Comfort
  • Protection from Diseases
Mesh Shoes Trends

This product is running high in 2019. Mesh Shoes will sell itself. You just have to target the right audience.

People are choosing healthy options for their body. Be it hand or be it feet. They want them relaxed and in excellent condition.

You could be the provider.

Product Details:

Price: $10-$15

Avg. Price on Amazon: $25

Google Searches (per month): 4,400


Fashion Industry

As per the Shopify report, the revenue from the Fashion and Apparel Ecommerce Industry is expected to rise from $481.2 billion in 2018 to $712.9 billion by 2022.

Fashion never dies. It just changes faces.

There are many products in the fashion category that you can choose to sell.

Here are most profitable dropshipping products of fashion category..

Spider Nail Gel

Spider Nail Gel
Majority of the girls love nail polish. Spider nail gel is the latest trend in Nail polish designs.

This Nail polish product is fun, versatile and long-lasting. The thick gel allows girls to create straight lines for nail art without the help of any tool or utensil.

Many popular fashion brands are cashing this product. They are selling this product at high prices. On Amazon, the average rate of this product is $15.

On the other hand, this bestselling product is readily available on AliExpress in $2-$3. You can sell this product at $6-$7.

Spider Nail Gel Trends

Product Details:

Price: $2-$3

Avg. Price on Amazon: $15

Google Searches (per month): 480

Suppliers: Nail’s House Store, Molecule Nail Store

Best Time to Sell: October. For the past five years, Spider Nail Gel is going on trending in October month. So set your store at the right time, and target the right market.

Bohemian Earrings

Bohemian Earrings
This little piece of jewellery has a good following around the world.

Bohemian Earrings are very inexpensive and pretty. The affordability makes them attractive jewellery for female students. Also, these minimal earrings go with any dress.

Bohemian Earrings Tends
The trend of Bohemian Earrings is fluctuating, but it is one of the best items to sell online. There are lots of Etsy stores, dropshipping this product. This is a top-selling product on Alibaba.

This store is selling this product for $24 (shipping excluded) — 1513 Products sold with 5-star ratings.

Bohemian Earring Pattterns
The same product is on $0.45 on AliExpress. Now, you can easily calculate the margin.
Bohemian Earring Latest Patterns

Product Details:

Price: $1-$2

Avg. Price on Amazon: $10

Google Searches (per month): 2900

Suppliers: 17KM Store, ZWS Store

Best Time to Sell: School or College starting Time

Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil
The waterproof Eyebrow pencil is the trending dropshipping product of the summer.

Due to the heat of the summer, females prefer using waterproof make-up. The Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil is the most popular beauty product.

I suggest you take a look at the Eye Pencil while selecting the product for your dropshipping store.

Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Trends
The demand for this product never dies. The ads are easy to create for this beauty product.

There is a vast number of micro-influencers in the make-up niche. They can promote your product in exchange for a piece. 

Product Details:

Price: $1-$3

Avg. Price on Amazon: $5

Google Searches (per month): 5,400

Suppliers: Makeup Diary, O.TWO.O Store

Best Time to Sell: Summertime, and Monsoon time could be great to sell.

Face Bandana

Face Bandana Trending Products to Sell Online

There was a time when only bikers were associated with such fashionable clothing choices.

Time has changed. This product is getting love from people of all professions. Not only does it makes them look cool, but it also provides a health benefit by working as a mask.

Face Bandana is consistently a trending product for past many years. For the previous year, the trend is on a positive curve. It is an easy-to-ship product, and product handling is smooth.

Face Bandana and Masks are low investment trending products to sell.

Face Bandana Trends

Product Details:

Price: $2-$5

Avg. Price on Amazon: $10

Google Searches (per month): 2,900

Suppliers: An Outdoor Shopping, GobyGo Sporting

Best Time to Sell: Consistent Demand. The summer season could be best.

Mobile Accessories Market

Mobile Accessories Market is expected to reach 255 Billion US Dollars by 2023. The mobile phone market is huge. Smartphone has become a need of society.

After the SmartPhone, the next big market is of Mobile Phone accessories. A majority of Mobile users likes to buy and use accessories that make their life easy.

Here are Top Trending Products in the Mobile Accessories Market.

Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless Phone Charger
This is a trend that is not going to end soon. With technology getting more advanced, more products will become Wireless.

In every Sci-Fi movie that offers us a glimpse of the potential future, wires are always missing. It is a big indication that people will avoid wires if there are suitable options. That’s why all major technology companies are working on making better wireless devices.

Wireless Phone Charger is only a starting point. The demand for the product will rise more with time.

You can even begin to make an authority E-store around Wireless Phone Chargers.

Wireless Phone Charger Trends

Product Details:

Price: 5$-15$

Avg. Price on Amazon: $20

Google Searches (per month): 40,500

Suppliers: GT Mobile, Small Yang

Best Time to Sell: Anytime. It is a trending product all the time. But demands can rise around any big tech launch event.

Phone Lenses

Phone Lenses

In the era of Photo Sharing apps, Mobile Photography is becoming itself a big market. 

One search on Instagram tells you that there are 14,407,711 posts tagged #mobilephotography. This is only one hashtag on one social media platform.

There is a reason every mobile company is emphasising on improving the camera quality of their mobile phones. They know people want better photos from their phones.

It makes the Phone Lenses an attractive product among mobile phone photographers.

Moreover, it is a low price product and has an easy to target customer base.

Google trends show a rising graph.

Phone Lenses Trend

Product Details:

Price: $1-$5

Avg. Price on Amazon: $25

Google Searches (per month): 27,100

Suppliers: JUN 3C, SNAPUM

Car Phone Holder

Car Phone Holder Trending Products to Sell Online
Car Phone Holder is another best dropshipping product. It is not only a mobile phone accessory, but it is also an essential car accessory. 

The mobile phone has replaced many devices. One of them is GPS. Car Phone Holder helps the mobile phone to function as GPS with more efficiency. 

Car Phone Holder Trends
Car Phone Holders are not new products, but they are trending products for a long time. But you can see from the Google Trends that this trending item is growing continuously.

Mobile is not going anywhere, nor are the cars. This item is going to be one of the best products to sell online for a long time.

Product Details:

Price: $3-$7

Avg. Price on Amazon: $15

Google Searches (per month): 110,000

Suppliers: GETIHU Brand, INIU Store

Soldering Gun

Soldering Gun
When it comes to soldering, soldering gun is the hottest item to sell online.

Yep, the market is specific, but the market is already aware of this product. You only have to make the customer by displaying how you are selling the best Soldering Gun in the market.

We can see in Google trends that how consistent this product is for the past five years. 

Soldering Gun Trends
For the hobbyists or professional workers, Soldering Gun is not an optional tool. It is a necessary item.

You have to target a small number of audience, but the sales are good, and the margins are better.

Product Details:

Price: $10-$20

Avg. Price on Amazon: $30

Google Searches (per month): 27,100

Suppliers: NEWACALOX, VOKPRO Store

Electric Nail Drill Machine

Electric Nail Drill Machine
The standard price of Nail Manicure for one time is $35. On the other hand, AliExpress is selling complete Nail manicure set for $35.

You can see why this product is rising in Google trends. 

Electric Nail Drill Machine Trends

Not only a money saver, but this product is also a time saver.

This is an attractive product for salon owners, too, as it increases the work efficiency. A business owner can give a reasonable amount for the excellent product.

You can sell your product by affiliating with micro-influencers. Electrical Nail Drill Machines are  trending products to sell among fashion bloggers and beauty bloggers. 

Product Details:

Price: $25-$35

Avg. Price on Amazon: $40

Google Searches (per month): 5,400

Suppliers: SOLOLADY, Timistory

Flexible Garden Hose

Flexible Garden Hose

According to GardenResearch, 18-24 years olds now occupy of 29% of all gardening households. American Gardeners are reported spending nearly $47.8 Billions in gardening.

Gardening is a new trend among young people. Flexible Garden Hose is one of the many Gardening tools that these young Gardeners need.

Flexible Garden Hose Trending Products to Sell Online
As Google Trends suggests, people start looking for Flexible Garden Hose in May-June time every year. We can say that the Garden Hose is a trending product of summertime.

You can not keep a high margin on this product, but the sale could come in high numbers.

Product Details:

Price: $15-$20

Avg. Price on Amazon: $35

Google Searches (per month): 2900

Suppliers: AHUYML, Manor Gardener Store

Best Time to Sell: In May-June, searches are high for this product.

Fishing Quick Knot Tool

Fishing Quick Knot Tool
Every year, Fishing Quick Knot Tool becomes the hottest trend of June month. 
Fishing Quick Knot Tool Trending Products to Sell Online
This little tool is a helpful product for the people who like fishing. Fishing Knot Tool works with all types of lines.

This is not a product for regular fishers, but the hobbyists. You can also sell this product to the fishing addicts, who can’t be away from fishing.

Fish experts also enjoy this tool because of its performance, simplicity, and durability of tying knots. 

At the season time, you can sell this product at a high margin. For the rest of the year, you can sell this at the less margin, and call it off-season prices.

Product Details:

Price: $5-$10

Avg. Price on Amazon: $15

Google Searches (per month): 1,900

Suppliers: MNFT Store, SAMSFX Store

Best Time to Sell: June. Or Fishing season.

What Next Now?

I have provided you with a curated list of best dropshipping products and eCommerce products.

You can do product research yourself, if you like.

Keep in mind:

  • Product should be unique
  • Should have selling ability at good margin
  • Should not be available in local stores
  • Must be rich in usefulness
  • Easy to Market
  • Investment must be low
  • Handling must be easy

You can select a product from the list and start working on it.

TBH, product selection is only a first step towards setting up the dropshipping business. You also need Fast Hosting to build your eCommerce store. 

Magento Hosting

That’s all.

I gave you the list of trending products to sell online.

Tell me in the comments which products from the list of top trending products you chooses.

Do you have any trending product to sell online now?

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