Top 10 Magento 2 Websites To Inspire Your E-Commerce Store

Magento 2 Websites

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. Since its inception in 2008, it has come a long way by constantly engaging in improving itself.

The launch of Magento 2 is one such example of a major improvement. Even the installation number of the latest version, Magento 2 websites are increasing.

Even though Magento 1 is still alive and running, there are some startling differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2. Magento 2 offers many improved features like scalability, extended customization abilities, easy checkout, mobile-friendliness, etc.

Due to its second to none customer support, many e-commerce owners are now migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

We have listed down some of our favorite Magento 2 websites. You can use them as an inspiration for design and look of your Magento commerce website.

  1. Land Rover
  2. Cox & Cox
  3. Timex
  4. Sigma Beauty
  5. Cultcha Kids 
  6. Rubie’s
  7. Graze
  8. Kurt Geiger
  9. Neom Organics
  10. Tennishub

If the names of these Magento shops of big brands weren’t enough, have a look at their homepages.

10 Best Magento 2 Websites

1. Land Rover

Magento 2 Website

Land Rover is one of the biggest names in the automotive industry. Apart from their main site, they have added a Magento online shop to sell clothes and merchandise.

Magento 2 has enabled them to display special deals and items in carousel images. Elegant design and user-friendly navigation go perfectly well with their brand name.

2. Cox & Cox

Magento 2 Website

Cox & Cox is a fast-growing online homeware, furniture, and textiles retailer. Their site uses the new web design powered by Magento 2 to provide a flexible and powerful platform to its users.

The website showcase amazing visuals, structured navigation, and simple checkout. Even though they use so many beautiful imageries, their page load time remains 1.26 Seconds.

3. Timex

Magento 2 Website

Timex is a well-known brand for watches. With an elegant white background, they showcase high-quality images of their products.

They have categorized their homepage into different sections that allow users to easily search products on their site. Apart from that, they showcase all their latest products in a full-width slider on their homepage.

Unique magento 2 web design and scalable hosting by ServerGuy have helped them attain a faster page load speed. This ultimately helps in retaining users’ attention and increase conversion.

4. Sigma Beauty

Magento 2 Website

Sigma Beauty has rebranded its entire site with Magento 2 for both B2B and B2C platforms.

They claim to have reduced the load time by 3+ seconds which leads to improved site performance and quick loading images. Magento 2 has also enabled them to offer separate prices on separate storefronts which improves a customer experience 3 fold.

5. Cultcha Kids 

Magento 2 Website

Cultcha Kids is an Australian store that sells toys for kids, collectibles and novelty items.

This is one of those eCommerce websites using Magento 2 that has gained access to the latest and scalable technology. Magento helps them tailor their e-commerce store to their unique business needs.

6. Rubie’s

Magento 2 Website

World’s largest designer & manufacturer of costumes, Rubie’s have pinned up images of characters from Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Marvels, etc. They have divided their homepage into various categories like popular, trending, featured and hot.

With easy navigation and easy to check out, this site is a one-stop-shop before every costume party.

7. Graze

Magento 2 Website

Graze was one of the first UK-Based company to get Magento 2 for their website.

They have a colorful homepage filled with mouth-watering images of their snacks. This company takes complete control of their site using Magento Admin tools. By using custom integration, Graze allows its customers to easily log in and check out using Graze credentials.

With such an amazing presentation and easy navigation, Graze has earned £3 million in revenue within the first 12 months. Truly one of the best magento design.

8. Kurt Geiger

Magento 2 Website

Kurt Geiger, a Britsih fashion footwear retailer was also one of the first properties to move to Magento 2 due to its performance and scalability.

With a unique online shopping experience, they deliver a highly personalized website. A well thought out and responsive theme helps them to remove the conversion barrier.

9. Neom Organics

Magento 2 Website

Neom Organics London is a skincare company that connects their online and in-store experiences with beautiful site visuals. Magento 2 has helped them manage their store better and improve efficiency at the same time. This store features mobile-friendly navigation, beautiful popups, and fast loading speed.

The brand has seen significant improvements in site traffic, conversion rates, and overall customer experience.

10. TennisHub


Tennishub is India’s number one online tennis store for the tennis enthusiast, selling all the tennis-related equipment. With the help of ServerGuy, Tennishub not only improved the speed of the online store by 60% but also increased the conversion by 150%.

The hosting and the Magento 2 platforms help in scaling the business of Tennishub. The site has no downtime and the search ranking has been increased due to the fast loading speed of the pages.

Still, confused about Magento 2?

Here are some of the reasons why Magento 2 has gained so much popularity:

  1. Improved Performance (50% faster in work and 38% faster in the process of placing an order)
  2. Easy checkout process
  3. An adaptive new user interface
  4. Improved Marketplace
  5. Much simpler product creation
  6. Mobile friendly
  7. Less security risk due to an easy upgrade process
  8. Variety in key integrations
  9. Built-in support for Varnish caching and Full Page Cache component

Magento 1 is reaching its end-of-life now. Hence we highly advise to create eCommerce website in magento 2. If you find any challenges along the way, you can always talk to a Magento expert.

All the Magento 2 websites mentioned on this list have benefitted from their user-friendly layout and responsive design.

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