Magento Security: An Ultimate Guide (+10 Actionable Tips)

magento security

Running an e-commerce store is an easy way to make money online. However, it’s not an easy task when it comes down to Magento security.

Your Magento store is an attractive target for hackers and bots. Cybercriminals want to abstract your customers’ information and their sensitive payment details such as credit card numbers, and passwords.

If your e-commerce store is not 100% secure, you will, sooner or later, face security attacks.

Being a responsible business owner, you want to keep your customers’ data safe. Here’s the ultimate Magento security guide for you.

Top 10 Magento Security Tips

1. Start Safe
2. Stay Up to Date
3. Smart Username/Passwords
4. Get Secured with SSL
5. Enable Two-step Authentication
6. Use WAF
7. Disable Directory Indexing
8. Use SFTP to Upload Files
9. Magento Security Scan
10. Magento Security Extensions

1. Start Safe

Starting your shop safe means choosing the right web host for your store. Most Magento owners choose the cheap shared hosting in order to save money. However, they’re little aware of the security issues that come along with poor web hosting.

We recommend starting your online shop with a good managed Magento host. A dedicated host understands your needs and knows your Magento store.

Look for the following while choosing your web host:

  • Dedicated Magento service
  • 24*7 customer support
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • High ROI
  • Website performance and speed
  • Strong security
magento security

2. Stay Up-to-date

Staying up-to-date with latest Magento version keeps you safe and strong.

Always stay on the top level of security by using the latest version of Magento. If you’re still using the outdated versions, you’re compromising on your website’s security and putting your customers’ data on the stake.

So, if you’re still on Magento 1, move today! Here’s why:

  • Staying on Magento 1 doesn’t give you any extra innovation or support. For better support and features, move to Magento 2.
  • Magento 2 is much better and stronger platform for all e-commerce ventures out there.
  • On upgrading your Magento you get new enticing features, bug fixes, and other significant security updates.
  • You get enhanced visibility, better commercial results, and improved site performance.
  • You’re able to drive differentiated omnichannel commerce experience with Magento 2.

Don’t know how to migrate? Here’s how to move from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

3. Smart Username/Passwords

Do you think using “admin” as your username would not harm your business in any way?

You’re wrong! Using a common name as your username would make it a lot easier for the bad bots out there to break into your website and harm it.

When you use an easy username:

  • You allow root access to the cybercriminals.
  • Also, you make your e-commerce site weak and vulnerable

No one wants this. So, come up with a smart, clever, and unique username and password for a stronger store’s security.

If you can’t think of a strong username and password idea, rely on some smart tool. For instance, you can use LastPass to generate strong usernames and strong passwords for your Magento store.

4. Get Secured with SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

Google is forcing websites to transfers their users’ data over the web in an encrypted format. In this way, the hackers and cyber crooks will fail to read your customers’ sensitive information.

magento security

Being an e-commerce store, you need to have an SSL certificate installed.

It’s because you deal with sensitive data and information. So, get secured with SSL today, and move your site from HTTP to HTTPS. do it in 3 simple steps:

  1. Open your admin panel and go to System > Configuration > General > Web > Secure
  2. Set URL setting, change it from “HTTP” to “HTTPS”
  3. In Frontend and Admin, click Agree on “Use secure URL”

5.  Enable Two-step Authentication

The two-step authentication is a feature that enhances your eCommerce security by preventing any intruder access to your website.

Here’s how a two-step authentication works:

  1. When you enable two-factor authentication, you’re required to have more than just the usual login details. Means apart from your username and password to log in to your account, you would need another piece of information. For instance, a one-time code.
  2. This second piece of information would require your cell phone or email address. As the hackers don’t have access to that they will have hard times logging in and hacking your site.

6. Use WAF

WAF, an acronym for Web Application Firewall offers an extended layer of security for your Magento shop.

As cyber criminals such as hackers and fraudsters use your forms’ fields and data to inject a MySQL statement.

Such an action resultantly discloses the back-end information and provides restricted area access to them. Thus, it’s recommended for all Magento users to use reliable Web Application Firewalls and ensure website security.

All the ServerGuy customers get premium WAF (worth $200) at no cost. Get today.

7. Disable Directory Indexing

Directory listing is also a security loophole. If you have left directory indexing enabled in your server, you’re inviting more security threats to your website.

Through directory indexing, any intruder can see the file locations, and break in your website. You can easily hide these pathways by disabling directory listing.

Just add this line of code in the .htaccess file:

Options -Indexes

8. Use SFTP to Upload Files

Weak FTP passwords can lead to security attacks.

Cybercriminals often breach an e-commerce site by intercepting FTP passcodes. So, every Magento store owner must enable SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol).

  • These SSH file protocols use a private key file for authentication.
  • It’s very easy to enable SFTP on your site. Just go to FTP Settings and select SFTP.
  • Don’t set your file permissions to 777; it makes them writable by anyone making your site vulnerable to a security risk.

9. Magento Security Scan

It’s very important to monitor your Magento store to protect it.

Take a sigh of relief because Magento has introduced a Magento security scan tool that helps you monitor your site. Magento security patches help protect your site from any known security issues including malware, unauthorized access, and more.

These security patches are introduced in real-time when major threats become known.

Unpatched stores are heavily exploited. So, use the Magento security scan tool now and stay safe from any security threats that may come your way.

10. Magento Security Extensions

Security extensions can be lifesavers for your store.

They help strengthen your site’s security and keep it safe. Some security extensions are introduced by Magento and work wonderfully well in managing, monitoring, and safeguarding your site.

Here are some extensions that are the must-haves for every e-commerce store out there.

  • WatchLog: It’s a great extension to prevent Brute force attacks. It identifies and stops the attacks, and also gives you an overview of login attempts to your Magento back-office
  • MageFence: Want to skip the common security issues? MageFence is the right extension for you. It prevents any hacker or bad bot activity, thus, safeguards your online shop.
  • Two Factor Authentication: It’s a great security extension by Amasty. This extension protects any unauthorized logins by verifying the admin session using both the Google Authenticator app and your cell phone.

Unlock two more crucial Magento security extensions here!

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Wrapping Up

Magento is an amazing platform to sell online, thereby, its security is also crucial.

With our top ten security measures and managed Magento hosting, you will prevent all security threats up to a great level.

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