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Enjoy our fast managed Magento hosting solutions optimised for great performance and speed.

Say bye to malware attacks and downtime’s with our secure Magento hosting services.

Magento Hosting

 Fast, Secure, and Reliable Magento Hosting  

Magento Hosting: Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance

Load your store under 3 second with our speed optimized Magento hosting.

Double Up Your Reventu with Managed Magento Hosting


Our extensive security measures ensures your brand and customers are safe.

Expert Support for your Magento Store


You can always depend on us for steady hosting, connectivity and availability.

Developer-Friendly Magento Web Hosting


We adapt to your business growth and scale up the resources quickly.

Why Choose Us for Managed Magento Hosting?

Fastest Response Time

Magento 1 & 2 Support

Attractive Commission

Developer Friendly

Dedicated Account Manager

Global Presence

Proven Track Record

Attractive Commission


Attractive Commission


Dedicated Account Manager


Managed Magento Hosting Plans

All Managed Magento Hosting Plans Include

Managed WordPress Hosting: Security of Database

Free Firewall

WAF worth $200 to keep your Magento store safe from malware attacks.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Daily Backup

Daily Backup

Fully automated Daily Backups with 7 day retention period for Magento 2 website.

Free SSL

Free SSL

Free SSL certificate to build trust and boost rankings of your Magento shop.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting: Free CDN

Free CDN

Global CDN with unlimited bandwidth for optimum speed and performance.

Why Clients  Us?


ServerGuy suggested migration of our www.williampenn.net site to dedicated Magento Indian Cloud servers as the majority of site traffic comes from India. The end result is a fast and secure. Perfect features, fast, friendly and competent help.

– Venkatesan.A, IT-Project Manager, WilliamPenn

Happy to have moved to Serverguy. Your team ensured the Migrating process was smooth. Now my site loads faster and performs better. Hope you will continue offering the same performance & service and I continue using your server for a long time!”

– Afroze Khan, Co-founder, Tennishub

Our Awesome Clients

We are proud to manage thousands of Magento store across the globe.

Magento Hosting Clients

Our Partners

Magento Hosting partners

We Love Magento Agencies

Fastest Response Time

Sell More Work Less

We provide 24×7 support, easy migrations, security and performance monitoring to our Magento agency partners.

Attractive Commission

Attractive Commission

The more clients you have, the higher commissions you generate for your Magento agency.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will manage all your queries, billings and services.


Why host Magento on dedicated servers?

Dedicated servers provide the best levels of performance, control, and security. You will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Root Access: With Root administration access, you can install any software of your choice and have complete control over your resources.
  2. Dedicated Resources: Your allocated CPU, RAM, HDD, and bandwidth will always be available to you.
  3. Easy to Scale:- Your site will not go down when the traffic is high. It automatically scales vertically or horizontally and distributes the traffic evenly using a load balancer. 
  4. Privacy and Security: Unlike shared hosting, you are not sharing space with anyone, your critical data and applications are safe at minimal costs.
Can I run Magento on shared hosting?

You can. But Magento is a heavy application and consume a lot of resources. If you are on shared hosting, you can face performance and security issues as you share space with other websites too. 

Can you assist us with moving our website from the previous host?

Yes! Our team of experts can help you in server migration from another host, custom server settings and server-level optimizations. You can contact our cloud experts to discuss the migration procedure and charges. 


What is the difference between standard migration and white glove migration?

In standard migration, we put a maintenance page on your old host. Migrate the website to our servers. Testing the website for functionality will be done by you after the website is made live on our servers.

In white-glove migration, we perform a soft migration and share a temporary URL where the client can check the website functionality on our servers. Once they confirm everything is working fine, we schedule a final migration.

What is the difference between Magento hosting and Magento on AWS?

In Magento hosting

  1. We host your website on our dedicated servers.
  2. We are responsible for any hardware-related problems.
  3. You can choose from container-based or cloud-based plans.
  4. We optimize your server stack for optimum speed and performance.

In Magento on AWS hosting-

  1. Your website is hosted on AWS servers.
  2. We offer Managed AWS services in which we build your architecture, migrate your website and optimize your resource utilization.
  3. Magento on AWS works on a pay as you use model.
  4. We are not responsible for any infrastructure-related problems. We can help you in raising a ticket to AWS in case of any downtime.
Where do you keep backups and how will I restore the data?

We backup your data daily using R1Soft services with 7-day retention period. Either you can restore the data using our control panel or we can do on your behalf.

What levels of Cloud Hosting Management do you provide?

You can visit our server management plans for more details.

Do you support Magento on AWS?

Yes, we do! We are certified AWS consulting partners and have carefully crafted plans for Magento on AWS by optimizing costs and providing scalability.

You can visit our page Manage AWS for more details.

How does caching helps and what type of caching do you provide?
  1. Elasticsearch for distributed search & analytics.
  2. Redis for database, cache & message broking.
  3. Varnish to deliver high performance.
  4. Memcached for alleviating database load.
Where are your server locations?

We currently have servers in India, USA, Australia, Europe, and Singapore.

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