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Everything you’d need for your Magento 2 store!

ultimate speed with every magento 2 hosting

ultimate speed

24-7 support with every magento 2 hosting plan

24*7 expert support

free ssl

Free ssl

magento 2 hosting with proactive monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

free daily backups

Daily backups

free migration with magento 2 hosting

Free migration

Magento 2 Hosting plans for stores of all sizes!


Container-Based Plans

Speed up your store with our managed Magento 2 hosting or 100% Money back guarantee!

Why Choose ServerGuy For Magento 2 Hosting?

Managing your Online Store Doesn’t Have to be Hard

better website speed with serverguy magento 2 hosting

Optimized for Speed

We have optimized our magento 2 hosting server stack to help you run your stores at supersonic speed. With better page-loading speed, give the best user-experience to your customers.

better seo

better seo

Google loves faster loading pages and our platform is specially optimized to help you rank better.

more sales with serverguy magento 2 hosting

more sales

You don’t have to lose on your clients because of lazy speed. We guarantee under 2-second time to first byte.

powerful magento 2 hosting stack

Powerful  stack

Our experts have built the most powerful server stack with Varnish, PHP 7 & MariaDB.

magento 2 hosting tuned for better performance

tuned for performance

Cloudflare CDN*, Server-level caching, PHP Opcache, database tuning, web-server tweaking to enhance speed.

better website speed with serverguy magento 2 hosting
world class support with every magento 2 hosting plans

World-Class Support

No matter which plans you’ve with us, our Magento expert support will be outstanding throughout the plans. We provide 24*7 customer support and proactive monitoring with every magento 2 hosting plan to ensure 100% uptime.

fastest response time

fastest Response time

We’ve 15-min response time to ensure your problem is acknowledged at the earliest.

support system

Support systems

Our committed support team is available 24*7 over emails and even on calls if critical.

bullet proof security with serverguy magento 2 hosting

Smart Security

If anything goes wrong with security, you may probably lose thousands of dollars. We know and we care for that. That’s why we’ve put all our know-how in our magento 2 hosting securing your Magento store.

free malware scanning with magento 2 hosting

Malware scanning

We perform daily malware scans and we resolve it automatically before Google blacklists your site.

sucuri waf with every magento 2 hosting

web application firewalls

We use machine learning based WAF by Sucuri to filter out bad traffic, stop website hacks & attacks.

free ddos protection

ddos protection

Our strong networks have the ability to mitigate high-intensity attacks.

free ssl

Free  ssl

We offer free built-in SSL that ensures data encryption for lifetime.

bullet proof security with serverguy magento 2 hosting
99.99% uptime guaranteed

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

Nope. We don’t just sit around and wait for attacks to happen. If you’re with us, your store is our top priority. We ensure regular monitoring of all your websites and server health checkups.

free uptime checks

uptime checks

We check the status of all your websites every 60 seconds. Thus, helping us to react before anything major affects your visitors.

10 minutes reaction time

reaction time

Within 10 minutes of our automated alerts, the experts will step in to analyze the root problem and deliver a solution.

peace of mind with ServerGuy

Peace of Mind

We’ve been managing every kind of e-commerce store – small or large for years. We’ve seen it all and that’s why we want you to focus on your core business while we take care of your Magento store.

free daily backups

Daily backups

We backup your sites daily to ensure your efforts are safe. You can recover data with 1-click if needed.

free migration

Free migration

We’ll move all your data and websites to our servers at no additional charges.

peace of mind with ServerGuy
developer friendly magento hosting


We provide your developers with our easy-to-use control panel to help them spend more time on coding and less time managing infrastructure.

git support

git support

Your developers can easily push code on live or staging site.

free ssh access with magento 2 hosting

ssh access

We make it easier for you to access servers, update files and folders via SSH access.

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24x7 Monitoring
Free CDN
Free WAF
Faster or Free Guarantee
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Our Awesome Clients

We are proud to manage thousands of Magento store across the globe.

Why Clients  Us?

The only Indian hosting provider that exclusively hosts Magento stores backed by a great support team. Our experience has been phenomenal since past more than 2 years.

– Gurmeet, Co-Founder,

These guys gave an all new meaning to the term “Highest quality customer service”. We saw much higher conversion rates after moving to ServerGuy’s low latency Indian servers.

– Jugal Kishor, IT Manager, BharatPlaza

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Oo I’ve got a question

Ques 1: What is the difference between standard migration and white glove migration?

Ans: In standard migration, we put a maintenance page on your old host. Migrate the website to our servers. Testing the website for functionality will be done by you after website is made live on our servers.

In white-glove migration, we perform a soft migration and share a temporary URL where the client can check the website functionality on our servers. Once they confirm everything is working fine, we schedule a final migration.

Ques 2: Where are your server locations?

Ans: We currently have servers in India and USA. Our servers are coming soon in Australia, Europe, and Singapore.

Ques 3: What if I need more resources later?

Ans: You can upgrade your Magento 2 hosting to high-resource plans at any time by simply emailing your requirements to or call +91-9852704704.

Ques 4: Container vs Cloud – Which plan should I choose?

Ans: Container is an isolated lightweight virtual environment where only 1 of your website can run. The resources are dedicated to it but no customizations or additional software can be installed if you opt for a container plan. We don’t provide root access in container plans.

A cloud is a dedicated virtual machine with its own OS & kernel and multiple websites can be hosted along with customizations and additional software (if required). Example – If you are running your Magento store on and blog on, you should choose the Cloud plan. Since it is a managed plan, we avoid giving root access. However, we may provide the requested root access depending on the case-specific requirements.

Ques 5: My requirements don’t meet your plans. How can you help?

Ans: Don’t worry! You can talk to our experts, and we’ll analyze your requirements to provide you with a customized plan suiting your needs in next 24hrs.

Ques 6: Do you support Magento on AWS?

Ans: Yes, we do! We are certified AWS consulting partners and have carefully crafted plans for Magento on AWS by optimizing costs and providing scalability.

Ques 7: What all Management includes? 

Ans: We will perform the following services with every magento 2 hosting plan:

1. Regular Updates, Firmware and OS patches

2. Proactive monitoring (Uptime checks per minute & automatic alerts to resolve the issue)

3. Malware scanning

4. 24*7 support

5. Migrations

6. Backups and restoration You can find our detailed scope of work here.

Ques 8: Where do you keep backups and how will I restore the data? 

Ans: We backup your data daily using r1soft services with 7-day retention period. Either you can restore the data using our control panel or we can do on your behalf.

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