Magento stops working after installing an extension.

If you are new to this doc, before going you are advised to read this first : Best practices before installing a magento extension/plugin.

Sometimes installing an 3rd party extension cause website breakdown. Breakdown involve following kind of situations :

  • Websites front-end stops working.
  • Websites back-end stops working.
  • Both of the above listed.
  • Any specific functionality break/stops working.

Now what will you do to recover from such situations ? Below are some steps you can follow to save your business from loss.

  • Check “compiler” state. (it may be disabled/enabled or compiled/uncompiled). [Note: here you required shell access to your hosting server if magento back-end is not accessible.]
    1. In case if it is “compiled”. Clear compiler data and disable it, if it is enabled. Then clear magento cache. Finally check your website. [Note: at magento backend option to “clear” compiler data is not available so in that case you can try “recompiling” it directly, if this doesn’t help you have to “clear” compiler data via shell.]
         A. If magento backend is accessible, follow below steps to disable or recompiling compiler:
               a) After login to backend, Go to System > Tools > Compilation.
               b) From this page you can recompile data or disable compiler. But sometimes recompile doesn’t helps so try on clearing data using shell.
         B. If magento backend is not accessible, then you have to use shell. Follow below steps to manipulate compile feature:
               a) Go to magento data directory. Then move into directory ” shell “.
               b) Run this command to clear compiler data: ” php compiler.php clear “.
               c) Run this command to disable compilation: ” php compiler.php disable ”
    2. If it starts working again, then recompile data again and recheck your website.
  • If above steps not works, keep compiler data cleared. Try to access “magento connect manager” https://[magento.domain]/downloader and uninstall that extension which cause such problem.
  • If above steps doesn’t works for you, try looking into log files [var/system.log, var/exception.log or webservers error log file] if any specific error causing any issues and try to search for any possible solution on internet or various support forums.
  • Even if above option fails, try restoring backup of your website taken before installing extension.
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