How To Clear Magento Cache

There are few simple steps to clear your magento cache. Following are listed below:

1. Clearing application level cache using magento admin panel.

  • Login to magento backend.
  • Go to System > Cache Management.
  • On this page all types of cache clear options are available, choose and use as per your requirement. (Like JS/CSS cache , Image cache , Zend cache etc.)
    Note: There is one more easier way to flush cache apart from magento backend. you can simply use shell or ftp access and remove the content of “var/cache” & “var/session” directory in your magento data directory of hosting server.

2. Clearing database level cache.

  • Login to magento database (most common option available is using phpMyAdmin).
  • Truncate the below listed database tables if they contains any data (don’t worry truncating these tables is completely safe):
  • core_cache
  • core_session
  • core_cache_tag
    3. Clearing network level caching (like CDN)

Our clients are provided with a CDN purge URL. On accessing it through any browser automatically refresh CDN cache.

Note: If you are using cloudflare caching the follow this to purge cache : How do I purge my cloudflare cache

If you are still facing the issue you can simply raise a ticket.

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