How To Clean Logs In Magento

Since magento is an e-commerce platform. Some amount of temporary data is always kept on producing, as time passes its size keep on increasing which later on affects performance various kind of tasks and processing on your magento store. To keep your store clear and healthy you have to schedule regular cleaning of your magento store.

Our clients do not have to worry about such issues, as we will take care of these small needs.

Cleaning logs involve following things:

  • Clearing file logs in magento data directory.
    -> Following are the list of files & directory which contains log data. And you have to remove files inside below i) directories to clear logs.
    ii) downloader/.cache/
    iii) downloader/pearlib/cache/
    iv) downloader/pearlib/download/
    v) media/css/
    vi) media/css_secure/
    vii) media/import/
    viii) media/js/
    ix) var/cache/
    x) var/locks/
    xi) var/log/
    xii) var/report/
    xiii) var/session/
    xiv) var/tmp/
  • Clearing magento database logs.
    -> You have to truncate below listed tables to clear database logs.
    i) core_cache
    ii) core_cache_tag
    iii) core_session
    iv) log_customer
    v) log_quote
    vi) log_summary
    vii) log_summary_type
    viii) log_url
    ix) log_url_info
    x) log_visitor
    xi) log_visitor_info
    xii) log_visitor_online
    xiii) index_event
    xiv) index_process_event
    xv) report_event
    xvi) report_viewed_product_index
    xvii) report_compared_product_index
    xviii) dataflow_batch_export
    xix) dataflow_batch_import
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