How To Check Functionality Of A Magento Store



  • Test newsletter subscription block
    ->For new subscriber
    ->For existing subscriber
  • User signup (account creation.)
  • User password change/recovery
    -> For new user
    -> For existing user
  • Test Magento multi-store fronts (if exists.)
  • Check theme & its components on the website are working (looking) fine.

Product Catalog

  • Click through all category pages and check for;
    -> Layered navigation showing and working correctly
    -> Sorting/Filters working correctly
  • Open at least 5-10 product pages and check for;
    -> Correct price
    -> Add to cart button
    -> Configurable options, if applicable
    -> Images
  • Check working of search and Advance search



  • Add item to cart
  • Add multiple items to cart
  • Test Remove item button
  • Test Update shopping cart button
  • Test Clear shopping cart button
  • Check correct price
  • Check correct totals (discount/tax/etc)

One page

  • Check if login works
  • Place some orders;
    -> Multiple products
    -> With discounts
    -> Let the transaction fail to see how Magento handles canceled orders
    -> Try all combinations of payment methods & shipping methods
    -> Try guest checkouts as well as logged-in checkouts


  • All shipping methods available?
  • All payment methods available?

My/User Account

  • Login & logout
  • Are the correct My Accounts options showing?
  • Reorder an order
  • Add/edit address
  • Subscribe / unsubscribe for newsletter

CMS Backend

  • Place an order through the backend
  • Create a customer through the backend
  • Open all pages to see whether exceptions occur
  • Check all configuration options for all extensions in the backend
  • Check tax setting
  • Check transactional emails
  • Check attributes and attribute sets
  • Check adding and deleting products
  • Check creating and applying new discount coupons
  • Check adding & removing new users in admin panel
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