How to Add a new VPN user in Pritunl VPN?

Pritunl is an open-source VPN server and management panel. It gives the user the power of the OpenVPN protocol while using an intuitive web interface.

OpenVPN is open-source commercial software that implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques to create secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities. It uses a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange.

This tutorial will show you how to Create/Add a new user in the Pritunl panel.

Step 1: Login to VPN panel using shared credentials.

Step 2: Click on “Users”.

Step 3: Click on “Add User”.

Add a new VPN user in Pritunl VPN

Step 4: Fill the details below and click on the “Add” button. It will add the user and you will be redirected to the user’s list page.

  • Name: Name of the User.
  • Select the Organization: Select the organization or keep it unchanged if only on is there.
  • Email: Enter your email address(Optional).
  • PIN: Enter a numeric number, it will be the password. Keep it safe as it will require while connecting to the VPN.
Add a new VPN user in Pritunl VPN

Step 5). Click on the “Download” button to download the user profile. It will download the TAR file, extract it and you will get a file with .ovpn extension.

This OVPN file can be imported into an OpenVPN client to connect with your VPN.

hUBtLzlFPfBByKeeCgvC7wgsJHzrZlcu7gjWy QtGiF3R8Bu1LEIaZlWPWu3O7we3djL1zEj8uQ37KOXVgd w57fu0rvtVtVQDlut253erRV2D2c QBpkeUbb9OSXNUK6tS8J5Xp Add a new VPN user in Pritunl VPN

Extracted File:

ScHUYBZgwfXoO0cZ4sIMPpcNZLX0yKSfFDN9E0g61F 3c2bRjsbVF6mxCDbvOth kAs66 cxfPrsKQBX7e3v iw87708sZaNp2XVDK5oR3BwQcDx ZxqUfd XE578U69hRg8887 Add a new VPN user in Pritunl VPN

So, that’s how you add a new VPN user in Pritunl VPN.

If you encounter any error, or issue, leave it in the comment box.

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