Installing Python on Windows in Few Simple Steps

Installing Python on WIndows

Are you looking for Installing Python on Windows?

To install Python on windows, you need to download the package from the You can install the python packages on windows by merely running the setup wizard.

But don’t worry, in this article I will show you how to install python on windows step by step.

Selecting the Python Version

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On Windows Download page you will find many versions of Python.

There are so many updates of Python that now many version of pythons are available. They all work.

But two updates are primary.

Python 2 and Python 3.

Version of Python

Which Python to install depends on the objective. 

If you are installing Python for learning purposes, it is best to install both versions side by side. The process has minor complications, but it is possible.

When you click the any of the version entry, you will find the ‘x86-64-executable’ installer.

How to Install Python on Windows?

This file will install the appropriate (32-bit or 64-bit) version on the computer automatically.

How to Install Python 2 on Windows

Download the package from the Run the installer.

Installing Python Setup Wizard

Select ‘Install for all Users‘.

Select a directory or leave it at ‘Python27‘ and move.

2 Installing Python on Windows

On the customization screen, scroll down, click “Add python.exe to Path“, and then select “Will be installed on the local hard drive“.

3 Installing Python on Windows

When done, click ‘Next‘ to continue.

After this step, keep following the setup wizard and complete the installation.

To be sure, open up the terminal command and run this code to check out if the installation is successful.

python -V

If you get the successful message, great, you have installed Python on your computer now.

How to Install Python 3 on Windows

If you want to study and learn the newest version of Python, you need to install Python 3. Python is installable alongside Python 2. There will be no difficulties

The process is mostly similar.

Enable the ‘Add Python 3.6 to the path’ from the first screen.

Click the ‘install now’ to continue.

4 Installing Python on Windows

After the successful setup, the setup wizard will ask you if you want to disable path length limit or not.

5 Installing Python on Windows

Disable Path Length Limit means you are allowing the Python to use long pathname as many Python programmers use Linux OS. There is no issue with long path name in Linux. So by enabling the long path name will smooth the working of Python.

It is up to you if you want to disable the path length limit or not.

Close the setup wizard and checkout for successful Python installation on the Windows.

Write this code into the Terminal Command:

python -V

What is Python?

Python is a programming language for developing applications. It is a high-level language with dynamic semantics. Python is an interpreted object-oriented language.

Simple and easy to learn syntax of Python emphasizes readability and therefore reduces the cost of program maintenance.

Python supports various modules and packages which improves the programs modularity and code reuse.

Importance of Python

Python is a powerful language. It has a massive set of libraries that can be used to do anything that you can think of doing with a programming language.

The community of Python across the globe is constructive. Python documentation is reliable and easy to understand.

YouTube, DropBox, Google, Quora and even Netflix use Python. There are no drawbacks of learning the Python.

Wordpress Banner Installing Python on Windows

Final Words

Hopefully, you may know now how to install Python on Windows. Installing Python on Windows is not difficult.

Still, if you find yourself in any trouble, leave your comments. 

Our team of expert is ready to help you.

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