How to Install PIP on Windows?

Install PIP on Windows

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install PIP on Windows.

A large number of applications are using PIP as it can easily handle the installation of binary packages. It is an useful tool to have and easy to install.

4 steps to Install PIP on Windows:

  1. Download the installer script
  2. Access the folder containing via CMD
  3. Run a command: Python
  4. Verify the Installation

What is PIP?

PIP is used to install and manage Python packages. This tool has earned a reputation due to a large number of applications using this tool.

what is Python PIP

Python is an open-source programming language that allows you to run applications and plugins for various third-party sources (even your development) on the server.

It works on cross-platform, which means you can run it on many different operating systems, including the Windows Server operating system. 

How do I know if PIP is installed?

PIP is coming pre-installed in latest versions of Python. Do check if the PIP is already present in the system before rushing into installing the PIP.

To check the PIP status, type the following command in Command Prompt.

pip help

If there is a response, then PIP is already installed. An error message saying ‘this program could not be found’ will come if it isn’t.

PIP is a tool for Python, and you cannot install PIP without Python.

Checking the Python

Before you can install pip on the server, you need to confirm Python is installed. 

The easiest way to test a Python installation on a Windows server is to open a command prompt.

Windows icon > Type cmd > Click the Command Prompt Icon

Once the command prompt window opens, type python and press Enter. If Python is installed correctly, you should see something like this:

Checking Installation of PIP on Windows

If Python is not installed correctly, then this type of message will come:

Python not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

In this case Install the Python on Windows.

Install PIP on Windows

Download PIP

To install the PIP, you need the PIP file. Download it free from

Save the file in a folder that you can remember because you need to run the file from CMD. 

Open the Window CMD

Launch the Windows CMD:

  1. Press Windows Key + X.
  2. Click on “Run.”
  3. Type in “cmd.exe” and hit enter.

You can access all the files with the administrator access. The error will come if you do any change at the admin files without the admin permission.

Use command ‘cd’ to navigate to the saved PIP file, after launching the CMD.

Run a command: Python

After locating the file, type the following code to install the PIP.


Installation of the PIP will begin.

If any trouble comes, it means you need to do it through the different file. Just cut paste the file to a separate folder and install it from that location.

Verify the Installation

After installation is done, verify the installation by running the following code.

pip help

Code will run and show this message if the installation is successful.

pip 18.0 from c:\users\administrator\appdata\local\programs\python\python37\lib\site-packages\pip (python 3.7)

That’s all for the Installation of the PIP on the Window.

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pip upgrade downgrade

How do you upgrade PIP?

New versions of PIP are released occasionally. These versions may improve the functionality or may be required for security purposes.

You can upgrade or downgrade the PIP Version from the CMD.

Code to Upgrade the PIP:

python -m pip install –upgrade pip

Code to Downgrade the PIP:

python -m pip install pip==18.1

Specify the version you want to downgrade to.

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In the End

Cheers, now you know how to Install PIP on Windows. As I said, it is not complicated at all.

You can Install MySQL on Windows too. 

But still, if you run into any trouble while installing pip on Windows, leave the query in the comment box.

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