How to install a WordPress Plugin?

Install a WordPress Plugin

WordPress is used by 60% of the websites in the World.

What makes it such a popular CMS?

Themes and Plugins. Ability to add plugins to improve the functionality makes WordPress an attractive website builder.

But what is WordPress Plugin? And How to uninstall a WordPress Plugin?

What is WordPress Plugin?

WordPress Plugin is a 3rd party module that can be integrated with WordPress to extend and improve its functionalities. It is a folder of code that is added to the WordPress code, while staying independent. It offers an UI for the functionality it is built for so the users can use it from the WordPress dashboard.

The WordPress CMS is a complete website builder on its own, but it lacks certain functions intentionally to create different types of websites. For example directory sites, ecommerce websites, or forums. If it comes with all the features, it would be quite heavy and one might not need all these functions. Hence it allows the users to build on its infrastructure using custom plugins that could add these features to the website. 

There are plugins for all types of features. Security, email marketing, website speed, uptime, ecommerce, page building, design, navigation, images, caching, CDN, and even changing colors.

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Cannot Install Plugin to Sites

If your website is on a subdomain and the URL looks like:, then you cannot install a plugin to the website.

Plugins are available to hosted WordPress websites. But WordPress hosting is not expensive. You can start with 5$ shared hosting. However, if you are building an ecommerce store or serious about your website security, you should consider ServerGuy WordPress hosting. Our managed WordPress hosting is 3 times faster and secure.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin?

There are many methods to install a WordPress plugin, but these two are the easiest.

Installing a Plugin from WordPress Plugin Repository

WordPress Plugin Repository is the place where you find all the plugins for WordPress. The repository is connected with WordPress and can be found in the WordPress admin dashboard area.

Step 1: Go to Plugin from the Left side panel

Installing a Plugin from WordPress Plugin Repository

Step 2: Select Add New to open the Plugin Repository

Installing a Plugin from WordPress Plugin Repository

Step 3: Search for the plugin you want to install. Or use the function to find the plugins.

I want to make the blog dark mode friendly, hence I search for dark mode.

Wp Dark mode Plugin Install

Many plugins are available to do the job. So do the research to find the best one.

Step 4: Install the Plugin

Select on Install Now button to install the plugin.

Wp Dark mode Plugin Installing

The installation process is fast. Once installed, you can activate the plugin.

That’s it. You installed the WordPress plugin from the WordPress dashboard.

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Installing a Plugin from WordPress Plugin Manually

Not all plugins are available on the WordPress repository. One condition of listing the plugin on the WordPress database is that it has to be free. There are many paid plugins that are not available here.

Also, you can download the plugin from the plugin website directly.

Go night pro from Envato

When you buy a plugin or download the plugin from the website, you will get a plugin zip file. Which you can upload here.

Click on the Upload Plugin button

Upload Plugins

You will find a Plugin Upload option.

Upload Plugisn WordpRess

Click on the Choose File button and select the Plugin Zip file from your computer.

Once the file is uploaded, click on the Install Now button.

That’s it.

You uploaded a WordPress plugin to WordPress.

Wrap Up

Plugins improve your website’s functionality, but you have to be careful in selecting the plugin. You are giving your site access to the plugin, and if the plugin is not secure it could be a security concern.

Sometimes the plugins are not compatible, get outdated, and create speed issues due to terrible coding. Using secure hosting helps in protecting the store from hackers.

In this quick tutorial, we learn to install the WordPress plugin. If you encounter any error, please feel free to leave it in the comment box.

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