How to Clear WordPress Cache?

Clear WordPress Cache

Do you want to clear WordPress Cache?

Sometimes you will not be able to see the changes you are making on the site until you clear the cache. This is a common problem and can be solved in a few clicks.

As much caching is vital for the fast loading of the WordPress site, so is clearing the cache regularly. Or else the browser will keep loading the outdated content.

In this post, I will tell you how to clear the WordPress cache with the help of various caching plugins.

First, we will see how caching works.

How WordPress caching works?

Whenever your browser loads a webpage, there is lots of static content that does not change much, such as HTML, Java, CSS, and other elements of the page. That’s why the browser saves this static content in the local storage as cached files.

When you load the page again, the browser does not have to load these elements from the server, but from the local storage. Hence, improving the loading speed.

How Caching Works?

In short, the browser does not have to download the content from the server, which quickens the loading time. 

You can also set an expiry duration for the cached files. Like, you can set the expiry time of an image to one month or something so that the cached image will remain there for a month. Then it will get updated again. However, you must not set the long expiry time, as it could show the outdated content to the user, even after you update the site.

That is the reason one needs to clear the WordPress Cache regularly. So, the browser loads the updated content.

How to Clear WordPress Cache?

Clear WordPress Cache with WP Super Cache

Wp SUper Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache has more than 2 Million downloads. It is a powerful caching plugin with many amazing features, such as cache scheduler, and email notifications. 

Clear WordPress cache with WP Super Cache Plugin:

  1. Find the WP Super Cache under the setting
  2. Open the Delete Cached Pages Section
  3. Find the Delete Cache button and click on it
Clear WordPress Cache with WP Super Cache

Clear WordPress Cache with W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is another popular caching plugin. It has more than 1 Million installations on WordPress and can be quickly integrated with the CDN and supports Google AMP. Moreover, it is packed with lots of features.

Clear WordPress cache with W3 Total Cache Plugin:

  1. Open up the W3 Total Cache plugin setting by clicking on the Performance
  2. Click on the empty all caches 

W3 Total Cache offers you options to delete the various types of cache.

CLear WordPress Cache with w3 Super Cache

Clear WordPress Cache with WP Fastest Cache

WP fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache has many tools under its belt that will speed up your WordPress site.

It is known for its simple design and ease of use. With so many features, WP Fastest Cache is still a lightweight plugin.

You can automatically set the cache to delete when you update a blog post or page. Though it also offers a manual method.

Clear cache with WP Fastest Cache Plugin:

  1. Open the WP Fastest Cache setting from the dashboard
  2. Find the Delete Cache tab
  3. Click on Delete Cache
Clear WordPress Cache with Wp Fastest

Clear WordPress Cache with WP Rocket

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a WordPress beginner-friendly plugin with an interactive user interface. You can optimize the performance of the site with minimal efforts.

There is no free version of WP Rocket; however, you can have a 14-day trial.

Clear cache with WP Rocket

  1. Find the WP Rocket under the setting
  2. Click on the Clear Cache from the Quick Actions
Clear WordPress Cache with WP Rocket


What does Clear Cache mean WordPress?

It means purging the files that are saved in the local storage of the user’s browser. The Caching means storing some parts of the web page to the local storage, so the next time the page loads, it could load quickly. But when the page is updated, you have to clean that cache to serve the new page.

Where is WordPress cache stored?

The WordPress Cache is stored in the wp-content/cache folder. To delete it from cPanel or via FTP, you have to clear the cache folder.

Does clearing cache improve performance?

Clearing the cache does not improve the performance, but to serve the updated web pages and content to the user.

Final Words

Yes, caching is undoubtedly a great way to fasten up the WordPress site.

Speed matters for SEO and user experience. But displaying outdated content with speed is not as good as telling the current information. 

Install a cache plugin, set the cache headers expiring time, or automate the process of clearing the cache. Or do this manually.

If your site does not show the updated content after clearing the cache, then clear the browser cache too.

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