Google Customer Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

Google Customer Reviews

Ever wondered how online stores get the seller rating badge? Or how they acquire Google Customer Reviews?

This article covers all the basic aspects of customer reviews program and how you can set them too on your eCommerce store.

What is Google Customer Reviews?

Google Customer Reviews is a free service from Google that replaced the former ‘Google Trusted Store.’ Under the Google Customer review program, the retailer collects the product reviews and feedback from people who purchased from their website.

The reviews are collected via a survey sent to the mailbox of the buyers. However, the customer has to opt-in to receive the survey at the product confirmation page. It is the choice of the customer to give the review or not to the seller, and google is only their as a credible messenger.

The feedback collected by Google can be shown on Google Search Ads, Google Shopping, and Search Engine Ranking. Google allows displaying these reviews across the various service of Google.

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History of Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer reviews used to be ‘Google Trusted Store.’ But in 2017, Google rebranded the program to Google Customer Reviews.

Google Trusted Store was a way to get the store certified by Google and become a part of a credible circle. The store has to follow specific guidelines to get the “Trusted Store” badge, and Google was strict about keeping the standard high.

Also, the store has to provide lots of data to continue to keep that badge.

In return, the store gets the trust that was essential in the online shopping environment.

However, it was still the “Google Certified Store,” and the users are more likely to buy from the store because of the “Google Trust.” That was the flaw that leads to its shut down.

In 2018, Google shut down the Google Trusted Store and started Google Review.

Google Customer review aimed to give the key of the seller’s reputation to the customers. The sellers could not get Google badge after complying with Guidelines. They have to keep the customer happy to get a positive review.

Instead of Google’s approval, the new program is based on the customer-centric approach.

This is how Google trusted store became Google Customer Reviews.

How Google Customer reviews work?

As I mentioned, Google trusted store was about the protection and creating credibility by following the high-standard guideline of Google, Customer Reviews allows the buyers to offer insight into the service the store provides.

That can only happen after the customer has revived the product. That’s why, instead of asking reviews on the confirmation page, Google asks the customer to opt-in to the reviewer program.

If they opt-in, Google sends the mail asking for the review of Product and Seller after some time.

Google makes sure that the customer review is genuine, with no bots or fake reviews, so that the store can get real feedback. Brands and stores can collect honest product reviews at no cost.

On the other hand, potential customers can read the seller and product reviews. Positive reviews work as social proof and help in escalating the sales of the store, while negative reviews give a way to improve the service and protect the buyer from fraud eCommerce stores.

To enable Customer Reviews on the store, a code must be placed on the site, that triggers the survey on their completed page. You will find the code in the Merchant Account.

Once collected:

  • You will find the review on your Merchant Account Dashboard
  • The review would be used for Seller Ratings
  • You may display the Customer review badge

However, there is a difference between Customer Reviews and Google Reviews:

Any user can leave the reviews on the Google business listings, which is Google Reviews. However, not anyone can leave the review there, Google is strict and find the fake reviewers and banned the account.

Still, you don’t need to have an online presence to have a Google Business Listing

Customer Reviews are only available for the online stores, and only the buyer can give the review.

Both the google Business and Google Review are different things, but the aim of both the services is to collect the reviews so to make the online environment more secure.

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Features of Google Customer Reviews

According to Google, Customer Reviews focus on the following four features:

Google Customer Reviews Opt-In:

The Opt-In offer for every customer that buys the products from the store. It is a simple click and done process for the people who want to participate in the review survey.

Google Customers Review Badge:

A small badge to display on any page of your site. That badge would be proof OF THE POSITIVE reputation of your store.

Google Customers Reviews Survey:

The survey Google sends to your customers so that they can rate your site based on their purchase experience.

Seller Ratings:

The aggregate score of all the customer reviews that appears on Google ads, Google Shopping, and across other service of Google.

More about Seller Rating

Customer Reviews affect your overall Seller rating by a great deal.

Seller ratings are a reflection of the customer’s overall experience with your store. They appear in ads, search page, and enhance the visibility of the store.

They also improve the CTR of ads.

But seller rating only starts appearing when you gain at least 150 reviews in one year and maintain an average of 3.5 or better. Even the badge would not appear until the conditions are met. Ratings come from seller rating websites and other third-party sources. The customer review also contributes to the Seller rating.

What is the benefit of Google Customer reviews?

You already know the benefit of collecting the customer’s feedback. But what is the benefit of letting Google doing it for you?

How Google Customer Reviews specifically help you:

Free Google Seller Rating

First of all, it is free and excellent service by Google.

If you want Google Seller Ratings for your store, you have to become Google Licensed Review Partner, and that is not free.

Having Google Seller Rating is itself a huge benefit. This free program is much beneficial to a small eCommerce store, which can lead to more sales.

Google Product Ratings

Not only the seller rating, but you can also get the rating for specifically a product. The feedback collected for the product would make the product rating, which will appear in organic results as well as paid results.

Those stars increase conversions and can sell your product faster.

Google Customer Reviews Website Badge

With the Google Customer Review program, you can display the aggregate rating of your store. You can embed a page showing the reputation of your store.

This badge is proof of the authority of your business and gives a sense of reliability to potential customers.

How to set up?

If you already have the Google trusted store, you don’t need to worry, as you will be automatically migrated to Merchant Center.

You only have to paste the code to trigger the Google Review program.

If you are just starting, you need to set up an account on Google Merchant Centre. It’s a simple process of signing up.

There are eligibility criteria to apply for Google Customer Reviews program.

  • Must have a separate order confirmation page
  • Can add JavaScript code to all the pages of the site
  • If using a third-party platform that redirects the customers to a third domain for the payment, the customer must be redirected to your domain for final confirmation.
  • There must be SSL certificate installed on your site

It is crucial to have a confirmation page on your domain as Google puts its opt-in form at the final stage of buying.

Once all these conditions are met, you can submit your site.

Follow these steps:

Create an account on Google Merchant and fill up the necessary information about your store.

Google Customer Review Merchant Center

Keep following the process, and you will end up at the Merchant Dashboard.

On the left side, you will find the Manage Programs.

Merchent Center Programs

In this option, you will find many programs that this Merchant Center offers.

For now, we are looking for Google Customer Reviews.

After finding the Customer Reviews, click on ENABLE.

Google Customer Reviews

It will open up the new dashboard, specifically for this program.

There you will find the code that you need to paste into the pages of your site.

merchat 5 Google Customer Reviews

Once done, click done.

Google will rake some time to check your site and evaluate your application.

It may take more than a month, and when it is done, you will get an email in your Gmail account.

Setting up Google Customer review on your store is not a difficult task, but to manage the reputation of your store is.

What else is on the dashboard?

You can monitor multiple things from this dashboard:

Opt-ins received: the number of customers that opt-in to the survey

Surveys sent: the number of surveys sent to your customers

Responses received: the number of a survey filled by the customers in a given week

Seller rating: seller rating during a period, going up and down or at a consistent place

Positive Review and Negative Reviews

After implementing the program, you will get both types of reviews.

A positive review is good for business and strengthens your position in the market. You need them.

On the other hand, your negative reviews can destroy your reputation in the market. You have to tackle the negative reviews intelligently, as you cannot risk annoying the customer.

But you can reply and clear up the issues from your side.

How to Get More Positive Reviews?

Reply to your reviews

This is important. As one-way communication discourage other customers from praising you. While saying Thanks to your customers when they leave positive reviews to show how engaged you are with your customers.

The same goes for negative reviews. Read the review calmly, and understand the issue. Try to resolve the issue. Negative feedback without a reply means people will make their assumptions based on the customer review. You have to post your side of the story, so the user sees the complete story and makes up their mind.

Be active on Social Media

The more the customer is communicating with your brand, the more are the chances of him leaving a review.

Social Media is a powerful way to solidify your presence and improve your reach.

Show the Google badge

If you have a good rating, don’t be shy to display it on your site. Flaunt it on your homepage and say proudly that you have an excellent reputation among your customers.

It will motivate the other customers to leave positive feedback and increase the number of positive reviews on your store.

Final Words

This article is about how you can use Google Customer Reviews and its benefits for the eCommerce store.

I hope it helps you in understanding this program of Google, and you use it to increase your sales. If there is any question or any doubt in your mind, do leave it in comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Google customer reviews mobile friendly?

Google Customer Reviews are mobile-friendly. If your site is responsive, then the code you puts on the page will work across all the device.

Can I change the Survey Questions To fit my needs?

No, this option is not available for now. Google asks only one question, so to not to waste the time of the user, which leads to more response and feedback.

How do I get Google customer reviews?

To begin, you have to enable the Google Customer Review program from the Google Merchant Center. Then the Google will send the mail to the customers, asking for the review. You can give an enjoyable shopping experience, so the buyer gives you a positive rating deliberately.

How do you get a bad review off of Google?

Google does have a strict review policy. If you think the review is fake or a fraud, you can report it to Google. Otherwise, there is no other way to remove it.

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