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Google Apps Setup & Migration

We assign a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist, who works dedicatedly to ensure a smooth setup.

Google Apps Technical Support

We offer a wide range of technical support services starting from standard weekdays business hours to premium 24*7*365.

Google Apps Training

We can help you make the most of Google apps by providing ongoing training and communications to your team members.

Google apps pricing for Indian users is Rs. 1500 per user per year!

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Professional Email

Ad-free, professional version of Gmail gives your image and productivity a boost with your own custom email address @ your own domain.

30GB of cloud storage

With 30GB of Google Drive storage and free, mobile-friendly Google apps for iOS and Android, you’ll always have important files within reach.

Spam Protection

Advanced spam detection algorithms to protect you from scams and phishing schemes, and keep annoying junk mail out of your inbox.

Works Everywhere

Powerful management tools and mobile apps make it easy to send, receive, and organize your messages — at home, at work, or on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it mean to be “an authorized Google apps Reseller”?

We have been authorized by Google to sell G apps for Business and additional products such as Google Drive and Google Vault. Customers can buy these products directly from us and pay in Indian Rupees.

Q. Are you specially qualified to help me setup and use Google Apps?

Yes, definitely! We are trained and certified by Google, our consultants are both Google Apps Deployment Specialist and Sales Specialist Certified.

Q. Gmail is free so why should I pay for Google apps?

Companies that choose Google apps do so because :

  1. They wish to send and receive mail using their domain name e.g.
  2. Email is important and they want the assurances provided by a 99.9% SLA and 24/7/365 Support from Google.
  3. They need to send messages to more that 500 recipients per day, G Suite users can send messages to up to 3000 recipients per day outside of your domain.
  4. Google Apps for Work provides 30 GB of email storage, Gmail provides only 15 GB.
  5. Google Apps has additional security and business controls, such as password length and strength controls and email filtering and policy controls.
  6. Google Apps provides enterprise grade features for user provisioning and mail migration.
  7. Google apps provides mobile device controls, email client controls and email routing controls.
  8. In short G Suite is an enterprise grade product for companies that take email seriously.
Q. I’m currently paying by credit card. Do I have to wait until my Google Apps renewal date before signing on with as my reseller?

Not at all! If you are interested in transitioning to a reseller account you can do so at anytime. It is not necessary to wait until your Google apps renewal comes around.

Q. If I can pay by credit card, why choose as my Google Apps reseller?

The most obvious reason is that you wish to pay in Indian Rupees either by cheque or bank transfer. However, we do much more that just resell Google apps for Work, we act as your Google apps partner, offering a range of Google apps related services such as :

  1. Training is the most effective way of improving productivity in your company, we offer video conference training using Google Hangout.
  2. Support. We endeavor to offer prompt and effective remote and on-site support. As your reseller, your Google apps account appears in our reseller console, this allows us to remotely manage your Google apps account in those instances where you may require help or assistance with the configuration. Very useful for password resets or those times when you have lost your G apps administrator password.
  3. Via the reseller console we can also provision user accounts at short notice, very useful when need the extra licenses as soon as possible.
  4. Our G Suite customers also appear within our Google Enterprise Support Console. This facilitates the logging of support calls on behalf of our customers. Normally our customers will call or email us regarding the problem they are facing, we will first try and fix the problem ourselves, otherwise we will log the support call and follow up with Google on behalf of the customer.
  5. For the most part it is very easy to manage Google apps via the Control Panel. However, there are some things for which expertise from the reseller comes in handy, such as with data migration. There is no one single correct way to migrate data in G Suite.
  6. There are various tools available for different data migration problems, and as Google apps resellers we help the customer to identify the best data migration path for their requirements.
  7. We are also on hand to help the customer manage the various options available in the Google apps Control Panel such as security settings, mail routing, nickname creation and group options.
  8. We believe that the only way to realize the full benefits of Google apps is to use it via the browser and to use all of the G Suite features, particularly the shared calendar and shared documents.
  9. Occasionally we see customers buy Google apps and then only use it with the Outlook client. We offer programs designed to help customer get the most from Google apps and use it to its maximum capabilities.
  10. We receive calls from Google apps for Business customers who decided to go with Google directly, and later face credit card payment problems. Signing up with us allows you to avoid credit card billing issues completely and skirt around any credit card issues you may have otherwise faced.
Q. I can’t log in to Google apps as an administrator. Can you help with recovering the Google apps password and login details?

There are two ways to recover your Google Apps administrator account details and password.

  1. The first way is to open Substitute “” with your Google Apps domain name. Below the “Sign in” button is a link that says “Forgot your administrator username or password?”, click on that link.
    This will open a page with a CAPTCHA, enter the letters that match the image and click the “Submit” button. This will generate an email with administrator account recovery instructions that will be sent to your “backup secondary address”.
    The page will also display the domain part of your backup secondary address to help you to remember which address you used as the backup secondary address.
    If you don’t know your backup secondary address or you’ve lost the password for that too, then you can continue with the second way to recover your Google Apps administrator account.
  2. At the bottom of the page displaying confirmation of a mail sent to your backup email address is a link down the bottom of the page which says “Reset your administrator password by domain verification”, clicking this link displays another page, this time requesting a valid email address for further instructions to be sent to.
    Enter an email address that you know works and that you can access and press “Submit”.
    A page displaying three step instructions for regaining control of your Google Apps administrator account is displayed.
    The instructions involve making changes to the DNS settings for your domain, which brings us to the key point of this FAQ; so long as you have control over the DNS settings for your domain name you also have control over your Google Apps account.
    If you loose control of your domain name you’ve also lost control of your Google Apps account.
    It is important to remember this when engaging a contractor to set up your website and Google Apps account that you maintain control over the DNS settings and don’t leave everything in the hands of the contractor.

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