Top 13 Google Alternative Search Engines to Use.

Google alternative Search engines

 Are you looking for Google alternative search engines?

Google is so big, that the word “Google” has become the synonym to Internet search. That’s why SEO community is entirely focused on Google users. 

Search Engine Market Share  Distribution

Though, Google has a largest share when it comes to making Internet searches, but it is not only search engine.

There are many alternative search engines that you can use. In this article, I am going to list best alternative to Google search engine.

Google Alternative Search Engines

  1. Bing
  2. DuckDuckGo
  3. Search Encrypt
  4. Yahoo!
  5. Qwant
  6. Ecosia
  7. Baidu
  8. Yandex
  9. Ask
  10. Gibiru
  11. Boardreader
  12. You
  13. Yep

#1 Bing by Microsoft

google alternative search engine : bing

Bing is the second largest search engine and the best alternative to Google.

According to Bing, the Bing network get 6 Billion monthly searches. The number looks low compared to Google (50 Billion Monthly Searches). Still, it is a large number when we see stats of other search engines.

Bing has a more attractive interface than Google. The background changes every day and display pleasing scenery of locations, animals, sports, and people. You can customise it to as per you like.

Bing is an excellent search engine for doing visual searches.

Similar to Google, Bing is apt with various internal features like currency conversion, translation, Unit conversion etc. It all makes sense as Bing is trying to compete with Google.


Bing display ads, but they are not as intense as Google ads. User can set the preferences for the ads and turn off the annoying one.

#2 DuckDuckGo

Google alternative search engines : DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is one of the most popular search engines because of its privacy policies. 

Google collects the user’s data to customise the search results and user experience. Internet privacy is a sensitive issue for many people.

DuckDuckGo is the best search engine for the people who do not want to be tracked by targeted Internet Ads. It aggregates its result from multiple sources and does not keep a tab on what you are searching. Duck also has a voice search function.

DuckDuckGo is entirely open-source, and you can find the code on GitHub.

It is easy to glance over the search result because of its clean interface, and infinite scrolling. DuckDuckGo has become a default search engine of the Mozilla Firefox.


DuckDuckGo display ads too, and they are not targeted towards the users. Duck strictly follows the one ad a page policy.

alternative search engines : search encrypt

One step ahead of Duck, Search Encrypt encrypts the searches even for the local network.

The search engine uses standard AES-256 bit encryption along with SSL to secure the entire search process.

Search Encrypt does not track the searches, nor it let anyone else track the activity of the user. Even if someone gets access to your laptop, he will not be able to look at your search history. Because it automatically deletes the search history after 15 minutes.

Search Encrypt displays the results that are not personalised according to the user’s search history.

All these privacy concern may hinder the search result quality. But you do not need to worry about ad tracking or Internet tracking. Strict privacy makes SE one of the best Google alternative search engines.


There are ads in high quantity, but they are not personalised ads. 

#4 Yahoo!

yahoo google alternative search engines

The glorious days of Yahoo are long gone, but Yahoo is still the third most used search engine.

Yahoo has made a partnership with Microsoft for its web engine. The association has made it possible for Yahoo to show searches in more than 38 languages.

Before the beginning of Google, Yahoo was offering the email service, news, online shopping, and other functions. It is an excellent alternative to Google if you need a reliable search engine with many features.

Yahoo images search has become more extensive with its integration with Flickr. The weather prediction and Yahoo finance are the most used tools of Yahoo.


Yahoo also runs customised ads, but Yahoo does not chase you to your other devices. However, Yahoo is similar to Google in one way or other, though the ads are not that targeted.

#5 Qwant

Qwant google alternative search engines

Qwant is another marvellous privacy-based search engine that guarantees that they do not record the searches. 

The interface is attractive and filled with useful functions. Qwant divides the search result into News, Images, Social and Video section.

It also has Qwant music, Qwant board and Qwant Maps that makes it great Google Alternative Search Engines. The search engine is very popular in France and gaining nearly 500 Million searches a month.

To provide the best possible result, Qwant has a partnership with Bing.

One of the best features of Qwant is its Qoz meter. When you turn it on, it starts counting the number of searches from one account. Then it donates the amount to the needful cause. Basically, the more searches you made, the more you donate.


Qwant shows search ads on the result page, and those ads are not personalized for the users. They are related to the search query.

#6 Ecosia

ecosia : google alternative

Ecosia is an environment-friendly search engine.

Every google search emits nearly 0.01 KG of Carbon. On the other hand, Ecosia plants trees for every search you made.

The search engine release financial reports of the expense and income every month to keep the process transparent.

Ecosia has a partnership with Bing. They do not collect any user’s data or use it to show customised ads.

For every 45 searches you make, you will be supporting them in planting a tree. It is an excellent Google alternative search engines that is also working for the environment.


There are ads, but they are not personalized. They are from Bing, as the Ecosia fetched the search result with Bing.

#7 Baidu

Baidu : Search Engine Alternative

Baidu is the biggest search engine in China. More than 70% of Internet searches are made on Baidu.

It is in the Mandarin language and the interface is strikingly similar to Google. Baidu is an alternative of google in China. 

The Baidu search engine follows similar ways of monetization and also shows rich snippets in search results. However, Baidu is even more censored than Google.

China blocks Pro-democracy and anti-government content. Anyone who says anything against the Chinese bureaucracy gets a block from Baidu.

It is not an ideal Google alternative search engines, but the majority of China use Baidu.


Same as Google. Personalised and targeted ads for the user because Baidu store the user’s search history and data.

#8 Yandex

Search Engine other than Google : Yandex

As Baidu is Chinese Google, Yandex is a Google for Russian people.

It is the fifth most popular search engine. Yandex is widely used in Russia and hold 60% of search engine market share there.

The search engine collects users data to display targeted ads. However, Yandex is very transparent about what kind of data it stores. Their policy assures that the information is not accessible to any single individual and stored in an encrypted format.

Yandex offers a wide array of services like mail, cloud storage, maps, videos and images. The search engine has a clean interface and filled with many resources.

Yandex Search offers many services that you can use instead of Google. If you are looking to remove Google from your life, Yandex works best.

#9 Ask

Ask : google alternative Search Engines

Ask is more of a question and answer site than a search engine, but there is so much information on Ask. The question-answer site has closed its web search engine in 2009 and dedicated itself entirely to creating a helpful Question and Answer community.

You can find content on a wide range of topic on Ask. Art, Literature, History, Geography etc. – The material is organised in a useful manner making it easy to find the content of the related subjects.

The users can do significant research as Ask also provides frequently asked question-related to the search query.

Ask also collect cookies and store search history of users. Still, Ask is a great alternative to google search engine if you are looking for researching purpose.


Ask runs personalised ads on the search result page.

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#10 Gibiru


Gibiru is one of my favourite search engines because of its feature of displaying uncensored content.

Most of the search engine, Bing, Google, or Yahoo, only shows the content curated for the general audience. They all hide controversial issues. Gibiru displays the material that you may not be able to find via conventional search engines.

I found Gibiru as the best alternative to google as well as a true Internet activist. It crawls the mainstream media and forums/thread to find out the relevant content for the search query.

Gibiru fetched the search result from Google and blocked the Google tracker from tracking the user. You would be looking at the same search result like Google, but with no tracking.


Gibiru fetches the content from Google; it also displays the google ads.

#11 Boardreader

Boardreader a Forum Search Engine

Boardreader is not a typical search engine. It crawls forums and message boards instead of sites and blog.

You get the user-generated content rather than the content written by an author. 

That makes it an excellent search engine to do content research. You get to know the views and opinions of the actual users.

With the conventional search engine, you get the content that is most popular on the web. Boardreader gets you the content that is most popular among the forums and threads.

This is the best place to find the active forums for the given niche. 


Gibiru fetches the content from Google; it also displays the google ads.

#12 You

You Alternative search engine google

You is the new search engine trying to take over Google. The search interface is a combination of various blocks including videos, maps, questions, forums and listicles. Google has dedicated one side for the search result, while You utilize the entire real estate.

At first glance You could be overwhelmed – with so many results on one page. But it is highly customizable. The search results are pulled from every medium. You can compare all the results and click the one page you find most informative.

Following DuckDuckGo, You claim it never sells your data. It gives total privacy control to the user. 

you no ads policy


There is no visible advertisement.


yep alternative search engine

Yep is created by Ahrefs – a popular search intelligence tool that helps online marketers to bring traffic to their website.

As a marketing tool, they are already crawling websites daily, so they build Google alternative search engine. It is still in beta but the premise is cool.

Google takes all the credits for the content created by the writers. But Yep is finding a way to monetize the search engine to distribute the incentive among the content creators.


Yep, it is in beta and there are no ads for now.

Quick Questions

What is the best search engine in 2023?

Google is still the best search engine. It is finest search engine that adapts its framework to cater with your past searches. It offers the results that you like.

Is Google the only search engine?

Google is not an ONLY search engine. There are many search engines like Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Bing. Google is the king of Search Engines, but there are others that you can use if you don’t like using Google.

Is Bing better than Google?

The Video and Image search for Bing is certainly better than Google. But Google crawlers are more powerful and do a better job in reading the understanding intentions of the user. Google consistently updates its core algorithm to enhance the user search experience.

Is DuckDuckGo better than Google?

DuckDuckGo is not a better search engine than Google. But DuckDuckGo does not collect the user’s data and display the user centric ads. DuckDuckGo does not track the history of its users.

Wrapping Up

Google is undoubtedly the largest and the best search engine on the Internet, and no one competes. All thanks to its ever-updating algorithm and AI.

But there are still many alternative search engines that you can use if you do not like Google.

In this list, I mentioned a few Google alternative search engines that you must check out. They have their perks.

Tell us in the comment which search engine you are using other than the Google.

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4 thoughts on “Top 13 Google Alternative Search Engines to Use.”

  1. Ecosia should be higher up on the list like number 4. It’s a very good search engine and it’s doing great things. I’m even using it right now.

  2. I use Alltheinternet. It has just about everything I could ever think of in such a cool design. So much better than just a searchbox like Google has. has it all. Been using it for years.

  3. Startpage and Infinity Search are some other privacy search engines. Startpage gets their results from Google but doesn’t track it users. Infinity Search gets their results from Bing and Wikipedia but they are working on their own index.

  4. Yandex is very good for image recognition.
    The one I currently use is, it slightly improves my privacy.

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