Festival Season Sales Pages: Google suggest Best Practices

Festival Season Sales Page

I am sure you are busy preparing your store for the upcoming festival seasons.

As this year has seen a massive drop in huge traffic, and online sales have increased, you must take special care of your online store.

For the festival season, having a festival offer page is an ideal eCommerce practice. Festival sales page consists of all the deals you are running on your store. 

The master page allows easy navigation to the users and visitors. They can see all the deals at one place.

Festival Season Sales Pages Best Practices

Having a sales page is useful, but don’t make it for the sake of having it.

Here are a few tips that you should follow to make a comprehensive landing page.

  1. Create the page early
  2. Follow standard SEO best practices
  3. Link to the landing pages from your home page 
  4. Use a recurring URL
  5. Include a relevant, high-quality image
  6. Get your page recrawled
  7. Maintaining speed

#1 Create the page early

Create the festival season sales page as early as possible so that Google can crawl it properly.

There are lots of indexing issues with Google, that surface up now and then. The best solution is to let it crawl naturally, and that means giving them time to Google bots.

Make sure you are not blocking bots from crawling, and your site has allowed indexification of new pages.

Moreover, if the page is set up early, it will provide you the time to run tests, such as A/B speed tests, load tests, etc.… Also, you can make changes to the copy, images, and design if needed, and spare time for recrawling, and indexing the new version of the page.

Amazon has made the black Friday page already, and there is no content on it:

BF Page Amazon festival season sales

#2 Follow standard SEO best practices

Follow the standard SEO best practices. 

  • Use the URL inspection tool to analyze the page as the Google bot does
  • Create a unique title, and keep it H1
  • Clear page title, according to the festival, page content
  • Coherent H1, H2, H3 & H4 hierarchy
  • Use meta description
  • Meta-description should interest the user, summarize the page content
  • Don’t duplicate the description
  • Use structured data markup so the search engines can understand the elements of your page
  • Google Rich Result Tests to check the page structure markup
  • Make the URL of the page easily readable

Learn more about SEO from eCommerce SEO Guide.

#3 Link to the landing pages from your home page

You need to place the link of the festival sale landing page on the homepage of the store.

Having clear navigation is essential for user experience, and Google crawlers.

Also, the homepage is often the most popular page of the site and the most crawlable page too. Any link on the homepage means increased visibility and quick indexing.

You can insert the link of the landing page to the Menu, Header, Footer, or even Notification bars.

Festival Season Sales Page Landing Page

If you treat your sales page as an essential part of your site, crawlers will treat the page as important too.

#4 Use a recurring URL

You do not have to create a new URL each time for the repetitive events. 

The old URL might have the authority due to the age, and it will be unwise not to utilize it. So reuse the URL for the same event, and let the page authority helps in the ranking.

That’s why TechRadar using 2019 URL for the 2020 landing page.

tech radar 2019 festival season sales

For example:

  • Avoid using: offers/2020/black-friday
  • Ideal practice: offers/black-friday

But you have to update the page content as per the time and festive situation. 

#5 Quality and Relevant Image

Having an image on the landing page is a must. You cannot build an interactive and attractive page without images.

Google suggests having quality and relevant images on the landing page.

By relevance it means, using the image that makes sense with the content and the audience you are targeting with the page. Having images of people of Asian origin, while you are targeting the Europeans is not a wise idea. It will lead to the disconnection of the audience with the web page and your store.

Also, using the Christmas images for the New Year will create doubt for the visitors, if they have opened the correct page.

Page, content, image, and videos – all should complement the spirit of the festival and should work to improve the conversion.

Using correct images is also critical, as you have to find a balance between the size of the image, and the quality. Using JPeG, Vector, Png, or Illustrations – which one works ideal for you.

Learn more about the image file types and how to use them.

#6 Get your page recrawled

You might make the changes to the sales landing page after running the tests. Also, keep updating the page with new deals and offers.

After verifying the structured markup, you have to recrawl the page. Re-index the page from the Google Search Console. 

But don’t recrawl a lot, or you will exhaust your crawling budget. You can also clear the page cache, and let it reindex organically.

#7 Maintaining Speed

Maintain the loading speed of the web page. We all know how necessary the faster pages are.

Sales pages are often heavy due to lots of carousels, images, JavaScripts, and generally lengthy content.

One has to keep the loading speed intact, despite the page weight. You have to increase the loading speed of the site without decreasing the page weight.

That is possible in two ways: Either improve the Internet speed of the user or improve the server performance for fast delivery.

You cannot control the Internet speed, but you can increase the power of hosting.

At ServerGuy, we guarantee page loading in 3 seconds, whether your store is on Magento or WooCommerce. Contact today to speed up your store loading.

Last Words

2020 is expected to have biggest online sales during festival seasons. It is a massive opportunity for businesses of all sizes. 

But you have to plan accordingly. Play on your strength, and provide attractive deals to the buyers. 

Create an amazing sales page by following the tips, and take care of the loading speed of the site. You can also leverage email marketing, and social media to promote your sales page.

And finally, don’t forget to run the load test on your page before launching it.

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