Top 6 eCommerce Automation Tools for Marketing

Automation Tools for Marketing

AI and automation have become two buzzwords in almost every industry today.

In fact, most innovative companies are readily investing in these technologies.

Automation not only aids in better managing tasks such as sending emails to clients and customers, but also saves lots of time that organisation can utilise.

In this article, I am going to show you top 6 eCommerce automation tools that will surely improve your productivity.

  1. MailChimp
  2. MailChimp Reporting
  3. Tailor Brands
  4. Hunch
  5. Botsify
  6. HubSpot


MailChimp: eCommerce Automation Tools for email

In this day and age of competitive marketing, there is one attribute that determines how well your online offering is—reachability.

Your brand should make it a point to reach out to their customers, through any channel possible. Email is one of the best performing channels that you cannot miss.

Be it to contact your consumer base in order to get their feedback, or to provide seasonal offerings and other luscious offers, your online store should stay in touch with your email subscribers.

This is where MailChimp comes into play.

MailChimp is a well-known email marketing platform which many small and large eCommerce companies use for web design, CRM, and campaign services.

You can use it to create custom newsletters, landing pages, social media posts, and more. It also offers audience insights and automation features such as custom triggers, scheduling tools, automated email sending and marketing workflows, depending on your plan.

Speaking of which, one of the most compelling prospects that MailChimp comes with is the idea of flexible plans.

Subscribe to the plan that suits your needs most appropriately, and you will not be left disappointed. This is a must-have tool if you plan to leverage email marketing for your eCommerce store.

MailChimp Reporting

MailCHimp Reporting

MailChimp Reporting can be used to create custom newsletters, landing pages, social media posts, and more.

It also offers audience insights and automation features such as custom triggers, scheduling tools, automated email sending and marketing workflows, depending on your plan.

You can even create a MailChimp report to track your results better or share them with others.

Tailor Brands

Branding is a necessary element when it comes to making your store more recognizable.

After all, if your customer base needs to go through all data and reports to know your credibility, you should perhaps close down your marketing department. 

eCommerce Automation Tools: Tailor Brands

Branding begins with having a unique logo and goes to create an unique perception.

Making your own unique logo is something that your online store should not ignore at all. Think about all the big players in this niche, especially ones in the online retail department.

Brands like Amazon and Walmart have established their own places in the said sphere, owing to excellent branding.

While you can hire an entire R&D department to see what design caters to your audience base, you can use an online tool to create logos for your business… 

Tailor Brands has been known for its picturesque, automated logo designs that can be done without any cumbersome processes.

Creating a unique identity has never been easier. With its easy-to-use interface, Tailor brands undoubtedly is an advanced logo maker that promises intuitive designs with a plethora of choices. 

Creating your own branding using Tailor Brands is as personal as creating it yourself.

In fact, one can go as far as stating that the design offerings from Tailor Brands are a manifestation of one’s imagination, a design that is perhaps closest to reality as you had imagined. 

While it is definitely automated, Tailor Brands also allows you to customize your design according to what you deem fit. If the offered designs need a touch-up, you can do it too.

In fact, this flexibility is what makes Tailor Brands such a fantastic tool when it comes to automated designing tools, and is, therefore, a must-have. 


eCommerce Automation Tools: Hunch

Providing your customer base more choices is one of the most pivotal aspects that you can do as an online store.

Running an eCommerce venture not only demands you to provide the right kinds of products across the line but also provide customized customer journeys through proper advertisements. 

This is where Hunch takes the cake.

It is a marketing automation service that allows you to create thousands of dynamic creatives for different products in a few clicks. You can integrate your product data with the utility through Google Sheets, CSV files, and so on.

This program can create highly personalized journeys for each customer/lead based on their age, location, spending pattern, and various other metrics.

You can also automate bids, budget, and creative performance for your digital ads with the tool. 

Acquiring customers online can be a complex affair. 

After all, you will have to specifically cater to their needs and wants, because the average customer is frivolous when it comes to brands and is rather product-driven than brand-driven.

Hunch makes it a point to make your eCommerce retail more compelling by presenting advertisements to the customer base according to need. 



As I mentioned above, reachability is important for every eCommerce store.

If there is an equivalently important attribute, it has to be accessibility.

What better way than being always available to your customers? How would that be possible, you might ask.

The answer is simple—Botsify. 

Good customer experience is critical for the success of every eCommerce platform.

So, to ensure 24/7 customer support, many online stores use chatbots. Botsify is one such chatbot that is intelligent enough to handle a wide range of common customer queries. 

It stands out among other chatbots due to its unique feature called “human handover”. With this feature, the bot forwards the queries it cannot handle to a “human” customer support executive instantly, thereby adding a personal touch to the interactive session too. 

Botsify is easy to program. You can use conversational flows, set responses based on keyword patterns or phrases. It is also available as a dedicated WordPress plugin to make backend integration easy for websites that use WordPress hosting

Additionally, Botsify comes with a plethora of choices when it comes to price offerings.

You can choose the kind of subscription that meets your personal needs, based on what they offer. Additionally, a custom price option is available too, thereby making the tool more personalized to your requirements. 

This list will not be complete without the mention of HubSpot.

It’s easily the most popular marketing automation platform that offers the entire set of tools for sales, CRM, and marketing. Its products can help you with SEO, analytics, integrated social media publishing, etc.


HubSpot CRM marketing

Hubspot is also an excellent tool for creating high-quality content for your target customers, including videos and ads. 

Automation is playing a huge role in the eCommerce industry today.

Since the online commercial space is already getting crowded, only with the help of automation and advanced analytics, the new online stores can reach new markets and grow business. 

In this regard, HubSpot uses automation to aid in a more intuitive CRM experience. 

With various platforms and offerings, HubSpot strives to increase your sales, client satisfaction, and of course, anything in between.

Be it through growing more traffic, or even providing more in-depth insights into business prospects, HubSpot is one of the most recommended automated tools for your eCommerce site.

Final Words

With increasing competitiveness amongst brands across all offerings, you should always be vigilant, and on edge.

In this article, we checked five eCommerce automation tools that can help you to be more productive and scale your eCommerce store.

If there are any questions & queries, leave it in the comment box.

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