DigitalOcean Introduces Cloud Firewalls to Compete with Biggies


DigitalOcean, a cloud computing platform has announced a new security feature, Cloud Firewalls.

Since the internet is full of malicious attacks, security becomes a necessity when deploying a new application or service. With Cloud Firewalls, building and deploying an application simplifies the infrastructure experience.

The Striking Features of Cloud Firewalls:

  • It is free to use
  • Scalable
  • Easily configurable service

How Cloud Firewalls Works?

  • Using Cloud Firewalls, you will have a central location to define access rules and apply them to all of your Droplets.
  • Unauthorized traffic will not reach your Droplets.
  • Also, this protection doesn’t consume any resources from your Droplet.digitalocean firewall

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1. Security

Only the ports and IPs explicitly defined by you will be accessible. It will only allow HTTP, ICMP, and SSH connections from any source would need 3 rules:

digitalocean launched cloud firewall

Other than these, if someone would try to access the Droplet on any other port, they would receive a timeout.

digitalocean firewall

2. Configuration

DigitalOcean keeping true to its core value, Cloud Firewalls are easily configurable. Your source and destination rules can specify individual Droplets by name, IP ranges, Load Balancers, and tags.

digitalocean firewall configuration

For stringent security and control, you can also apply multiple Firewalls to a Droplet. You can keep rules for different concerns in different Firewalls.

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For instance, you could create one Firewall called webapp-firewall allowing the only HTTP on port 80 and another called backend-firewall allowing SSH and ICMP from only a specific IP.

3. Scalable

You can secure distributed applications with a large number of resources. By leveraging tagging to the group, you can organize any number of Droplets and then use them to define how each group of Droplets is secured by Firewalls.

For example, you can create a Firewall to only allow inbound connections from all Droplets tagged frontend, securing your database from unauthorized access. And if you will tag it to more Droplets, they will automatically be recognized by DO’s system.

digitalocean droplets

A Quick Glance at DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls

  1. Price: Free!
  2. Regional Availability: Available in every region
  3. Limits:
  • Firewalls per Droplet: Unlimited
  • Total incoming and outgoing rules per firewall: 50
  • Individual Droplets per Firewall: 10
  • Tags per Firewall 5.
  • Droplets per tag: Unlimited
  1. Membership requirements: Include servers from any combination of regions
  2. Management: Rules can be applied to individual Droplets or to tags. It will then be applied to all Droplets that share that tag.

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