DigitalOcean Tide Delhi 2018: Key Takeaways

DigitalOcean TIDE began with a lot of enthusiasm. It was a day-long conference of insightful talks and panel discussions to help technology-based businesses.

In partnership with NASSCOM 10,000 startups, the event gave immense learning opportunities.

Why DigitalOcean TIDE?

  • Met experts, interacted with industry peers, made new connections, and there were new partnership opportunities.
  • Industry experts shared their lessons from scaling to millions of users.
  • It was interesting to meet the DigitalOcean team and have our questions answered instantly!
  • A lot of interesting talks on infrastructure automation to improve availability and agility.
  • There were exciting contests to keep the enthusiasm level high.

Amazing Speakers

Few of the seasoned speakers at DigitalOcean Tide Delhi 2018:

Speakers at DO Tide Delhi DigitalOcean Tide

Agenda of DigitalOcean TIDE Delhi

There were two stages: Main and Tech. The main stage was packed with interesting sessions like:

  • Scaling to Millions with Limited resources
  • Simplicity at Scale: Technology Decisions that power disruptive startups
  • Winning with your Investors: The Secret Sauce for Startups, and more

Whereas, the tech stage completely focused on the technical know-how of DigitalOcean. Some of the events were:

  • Scaling WordPress on DO – Simple, Fast and Secure!
  • Leveraging the power of GraphQL on DigitalOcean

Highlighting Sessions

1. Simplicity at Scale: Technology Decisions that power disruptive startups

The panel discussion on scalability gave incredible tips from the personal experiences of Rishikesh S R (Co-Founder, Rapido), Cyriac Thomas (Co-Founder, Compile), Anshul Saxena (CEO, haltDos), and
Shikhil Sharma (CEO, Astra). The panel discussion was moderated by Arun Bansal (Co-Founder & CEO, ServerGuy &

2. Stay Hungry, Stay Relevant: Tips to be a sought-after Developer

Ayush Jaiswal (President & Co-Founder, Pesto Tech) spoke about the importance of time and automation. Along with the list of some awesome tools, he also shared programming tips.

3. Scaling WordPress on DO – Simple, Fast and Secure

WordPress is one of the most common Content Management Systems. This tech session gave tips to scale their website on DigitalOcean. Arun Bansal, CEO at, also talked about Vertical vs Horizontal Scaling. For better understanding, you can see the presentation here.

There will be a lot of conferences, getting the most out of them is in your hands.

Conclusion: Making the most out of DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean has grown and the services it has to offer are immense. If you are struggling with DigitalOcean, there are extensive resources available and professional services to back your growth.

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