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Devops service Plans

ServerGuy helps automate your Dev, QA and Production environments.

Devops service-Docker environment

Docker Environment

ServerGuy can Dockerize your application for repeatable dev and production environments.

With the help of Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or RancherOS, we can give you a self-service platform to host your applications.

We can help streamline your workflow with a CI/CD pipeline and A/B deployments.

PagerDuty and On-Call

We can act as your primary or secondary on-call technician to handle application or infrastructure failures.

ServerGuy team has experience with major monitoring and alerting tools like AWS Cloudwatch, DataDog, PagerDuty, NewRelic, and OpsGenie

Our incident response team is available 24×7.

Devops services-Pagerduty
Devops services-Terraform and AWS

Terraform and AWS

ServerGuy can convert your AWS infrastructure into version controlled Terraform templates.This allows you to safely make changes and rollback infrastructure.

Templates allow ServerGuy to optimize your cost by turning off resources when they aren’t used and repacking VMs and services more efficiently.

Chef, Ansible and more…

We support all major configuration management and orchestration tools.

We’ve helped orchestrate and automate, simple to large and complex deployments on AWS as well as private clouds.

Automation allows your company to move faster, scale-up easily, while minimizing operations cost.

Security and backups

Security and Backups

A background of managing large scale web infrastructure, we employ reasonable security at all levels, by default.

We can help assess, plan, and implement your backup and disaster recovery policies

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ServerGuy work?

ServerGuy begins with a 30-minute consultation via Google Hangouts or Skype. After the consultation, we build a custom DevOps Service plan for your team and begin responding to your requests via email.

How quickly can I expect a response?

On average, we get back to most client needs within 1 – 2 hours. We respond to PagerDuty escalations within 15 minutes of an incident.

How does billing work?

Our charges are a flat monthly fee for all your DevOps tasks. Instead of charging for overages, we strive to scope your projects within the allocated number of hours. If we can’t do so, we’ll work with you to choose a suitable plan

Is ServerGuy secure?

We deploy multiple layers of security. This starts from secure workstations to external request logging at our office network. We routinely audit our processes and keep adding tools that can complement our defense.

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