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Dedicated Resources are an assured way to maximize profitability and productivity. One of the best options for you to realize your workforce augmentation is opting for the professional dedicated resource. ServerGuy offers high quality dedicated resource services for companies who need specific resources for catering their requirements.

Why ServerGuy

Superior Technical Team

By hiring technical talent who are experts in their fields and following the best practices and methodologies, we architect secure environments built to last.


Understanding Your Needs

We focus on the big picture of what your project needs to accomplish. You tell us your scenarios and together, we figure out the detail, even when your requirements are subject to change.


We Handle Ambiguity

We understand how to work with incomplete or ambiguous requirements. Our innovative methods assure effective, intuitive solutions no matter how complex or ambiguous the challenge.

Culture of Excellence

Our culture is based on integrity. We value honesty in everything we do, respect for individual, innovation and achievement, and passion for delivering the best possible results for you.

Working Together

We strive to ensure the right balance between eliciting your feedback and respecting your time. This way, you can be confident everyone is on the same page and contributing to the fullest.

Relationship of Trust

We earn your trust by listening to you, actively, and applying our expertise and experience to advance your best interests.

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Love the support and service at ServerGuy. They are making my life as a #webdevelopment business owner much easier!

Rohin Jain

Director, WebAppMate

My websites were getting attacked by bots or DDOSed but now that I'm with you guys; I haven't had a single issue.

Gopal Krishna

Chief Digital Officer, Eyedo

My e-commerce store loads much faster and the support I get is also amazing. Moving to ServerGuy was one of the best decisions

Rajarshi Guha

Co-Founder, NavrangCreations

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