7 common dedicated server mistakes you must avoid

common dedicated server mistakes

In this article, I am going to tell common dedicated server mistakes people make while buying dedicated hosting.

You should always avoid them.

Choosing the right dedicated server hosting to buy is a challenging task.

So many options are available in the market to buy web hosting. The choices and options can baffle anyone.

But you only need to focus on your requirement to make the right decision.

6 Common Dedicated Server Mistakes:

The common dedicated server mistakes people typically make are:

  1. Cost Management
  2. Security Threats
  3. Business Requirement
  4. Learning Curve
  5. Customer Support
  6. Unmanaged Server
  7. Server Location

#1 Cost Management

There is no hidden cost from the hosting provider side. Your hosting provider is not taking any more money. It is the server that may need more. 

First-time buyers are typically unaware of the additional cost that comes with unmanaged hosting. Even managed dedicated hosting has few other expenses, that you may not know in beginning.

Most of the clients underestimate the additional cost.

Maintenance cost, regular backup price, human resources, and disaster recovery strategy costs are just the tip of the iceberg that has to be managed by the owner.

Usually, the client found out all of these charges when they start managing their server.

And undoubtedly, price plays a role while buying dedicated hosting as it is quite expensive.

You should:

  • Create a sheet of all the costs associated with the dedicated server
  • Do not forget to talk about the hosting provider about the additional charges
  • Communicate with the experienced, dedicated server customers
  • Have a FREE consultation from ServerGuy before going anywhere

#2 Security Threats

Not caring enough about the security of the dedicated server is another mistake dedicated server buyer makes. 

You do not want to compromise with the security of the dedicated server. Ask what security measures the hosting company takes to keep the dedicated server secure.

Most of the clients focus on online threats. Yes, a dedicated server is vulnerable to various online security threats. But there are many offline security issues too.

You should look for if the Datacenter is taking care of the physical server.

  • How many employees have access to the server backend?
  • What are the strategies of the companies in case of an emergency?
  • Do they have offsite back-ups?

Hosting companies are not responsible for offline threats, but they could help you in backup recovery. You need to ask them what are their policies regarding such issues.

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#3 Business Requirement

You must check out the requirement before making a purchase.

It is not an intelligent plan to upgrade the server as you realized that you need more resources than you have.

Nobody likes to make a checklist, but it is an excellent way to note down the requirement you have from the dedicated hosting provider.

After all of this, another typical dedicated server mistake client makes is not calculating the resource apps/site need to sustain.

You should do load testing to check out the needs of your site. Hiring an experienced company to evaluate the needs of the project is a good idea.

How much bandwidth does the site need, and how much data is required? The amount of RAM the hosting is providing?

You can get the answer to these questions from the hosting sales page itself. But for the custom order, you need to tell your requirement.

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#4 Learning Curve

Another common dedicated server mistake the client makes is to start deploying the project on the dedicated server the next second after purchasing. 

You need to give it some time to learn the functions of the dedicated server. The best practice is to use a dummy project, so you can test out the live working of the server.

You will find out if there are any issues with the server before deploying the actual project on it. 

It is easy to learn about the working model of the dedicated server with the dummy project. You can get insight into real-time issues and any server-related problem.

#5 Customer Support

Finally, the most important aspect of dedicated hosting is technical support.

Many clients make the mistake of ignoring the technical support for the low-cost dedicated server. They end up paying more. 

If the technical support is not included with the hosting plan, it will cost a lot as you will get the help on per hour basis. The fee is usually high.

So, it is better to get dedicated hosting from the provider who promises you quality support. 

Or else what good hosting is if you cannot get in touch if issues arrive. Waiting for one day to resolve the issue will inevitably impact your business.

Then again, various times, the staff are not trained enough for the complicated problems. Instead of going for some cheap servers, go for a quality one.

It will be beneficial in the long run. At ServerGuy, we offer 24/7 technical support.

#6 Unmanaged Server

Managed servers cost more than unmanaged servers because they cover the maintenance of the server. Managed server hosting includes the solution of many types of server issues.

The mistake clients usually made is to undermine the support that comes with the managed server. They do not realize that with an unmanaged server, comes lots of responsibilities to maintain the server.

The dedicated server works on a complicated technology, and only a person with technical knowledge and experience can manage them. You may need to hire an IT team to do the regular back-ups and maintenance of the servers.

If not done in the right way, unmanaged hosting would cost a lot than managed hosting.

#7 Wrong Location

The location of the data center impacts the server performance. If the data center is too far, data transfer will take time, and your website will load slow.

Network latency has a huge impact on websites speed, and you should not take it lightly.

Read your analytics, and find where the important traffic is coming from. Choose a dedicated server around that location.

Last Words

First-time buyers usually make these mistakes.

It is crucial to make an informed decision while buying a dedicated server because it is a large investment.

These are the few common dedicated server mistakes that the client makes. They are easily avoidable with the help of little information.

Thinking of getting a dedicated server for your business? We provide dedicated server consultation at no cost. Book your 30-minute call with a server expert right now.

I hope this article helps you. If there is still any question that you want to ask, leave it in the comments.

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