Cloudflare Registrar Becomes The Hero We Needed & Love

Honestly, we were expecting big things when Cloudflare announced to launch a new product every day for a week in honor of their 8th birthday.

And it would be safe to say so far we are not disappointed.

After announcing their bandwidth alliance, they announced a Cloudflare registrar.
A domain registrar that promises “to never charge you anything more than the wholesale price each TLD charges”.

Seems too good to be true. Right?

The market for domain registration has been very nasty. Domain registrars entice their people with low registration cost but at the time of renewal, these prices reach a new high. Not only just the price, but a lot of these registrars also offer minimal security for their customers.

Such high prices make no sense because all a registrar does is record you as the owner of a particular domain, which is basically just sending some commands through an API.

Cloudflare promises to eliminate this middlemen charge not just for the first year but for all the subsequent years.

We estimate that if every one of our customers moved their domains to the Cloudflare Registrar, they’d save over $50 million per year – Cloudflare

Cloudflare registrar
The sad part is you can’t register for a new domain, well not yet. For now, Cloudflare is offering a service of transferring existing domains to their existing customers only. But trust me it’s worth the wait.

You can imagine how much it will be in the demand so yeah, it’s quite understandable too.

They will start rolling out invitations within a few weeks. To claim a spot in the queue you need to be an existing customer and SIGN UP for early access.

Although they have a twist for you to jump a few steps ahead in the queue by donating to Girls Who Code, an amazing organization that helps close the gender gap in the technology industry.

They claim that once they have given their existing customers the advantage of Cloudflare Registrar, they’ll open up more broadly and allow new domain registrations.

How excited are you for this new domain registrar?

Let us know in the comments below.

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