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Self-Managed Cloud Servers India Plans

Plans Memory CPU Storage Transfer Price
2 GB
1 vCPU
500 GB
Rs. 750/Mo
4 GB
2 vCPU
1 TB
Rs. 2500/Mo
8 GB
4 vCPU
160 GB SSD
2 TB
Rs. 4500/Mo
16 GB
6 vCPU
320 GB SSD
3 TB
Rs. 6000/Mo
32 GB
8 vCPU
480 GB SSD
4 TB
Rs. 11250/Mo
48 GB
12 vCPU
640 GB SSD
5 TB
Rs. 16500/Mo
64 GB
16 vCPU
960 GB SSD
6 TB
Rs. 24000/Mo
96 GB
20 vCPU
640 GB SSD
4 TB
Rs. 36000/Mo
128 GB
24 vCPU
960 GB SSD
5 TB
192 GB
32 vCPU
1200 GB SSD
5 TB
Rs. 60000/Mo
240 GB
48 vCPU
1800 GB SSD
5 TB
Rs. 72000/Mo

All Cloud Server Plans Include

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Why go for cloud cloud server

Why go for Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Servers are created by dividing the physical server using the virtualization software. The resources of the Server are built, hosted, and delivered via a cloud computing platform.

This way, a bare physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers. Each server is stable, secure, and complete on its own. The Cloud Servers are remotely accessible via an online interface. The performance of one cloud server would not be affected by the overuse of the other server.

That’s why cloud hosting is an ideal hosting environment for small business owners and critical projects.

Cloud Server Hosting – Addons

Cloud Hosting That Scales Quickly With You

Get the best Cloud Server from the best Cloud Hosting Providers in India.

Frequently Asked questions​

Cloud Server is formed by dividing the physical server via virtualization software. Each of the virtual servers has its resources and is complete on its own. Moreover, these servers have dedicated resources.

You can add more instances, memory, and disk space, into the cloud quickly; hence cloud servers are the best solution for the critical projects. Cloud Servers are stable, secure, and fast; moreover, businesses don't have to worry about hardware issues while using the servers.

Cloud servers are known for their stability and scalability, and more and more companies are going cloud due to its advantages. If you want quick loading speed and low downtime, you should take cloud servers at a low cost.

The cloud servers we provide at ServerGuy are highly reliable. Our physical servers are of premium quality, and we maintain them with extreme care.

Our team consists of many cloud experts, and they have been doing this work for 10+ years. They can deploy, setup, and modify the cloud servers as per your projects.

The cloud computing platform distributes the copy of data across multiple devices to ensure the safety of backup. In any case of malfunction, your site will stay live, and your data will be safe.

A single physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers with the help of virtualization software. The resources of the physical server are also divided into virtual servers.

Each VPS works like an individual dedicated server, with its specialized set of resources.

Yes, you will get complete access to your cloud server. Modify, configure, and change it as your project demands.

ServerGuy provides the latest and most modern technology to the customers. All of our cloud servers are hosted on SSD servers. Furthermore, we support Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) with the SSD servers.

However, if you are interested in an HDD server, we can arrange that. 

ServerGuy's in-house team monitors the cloud server 24/7 with the help of security tools. We are partnered with the A-class web security solution providers (CloudFlare, Akamai, and GetAstra). 

Moreover, we have in-house tools, and a team that observes the server all the time, and secure the site from any misfortune event.

You will get one IP address with each server. You have to purchase the IP addresses if you need more. However, we will need a written request (with compliance with APNIC guidelines). 

Yes. You have to mention it while buying the cloud server, and our technical team will migrate your site to ServerGuy's server. 

You can contact our server experts to discuss the migration procedure and charges.

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