Cloud Assessment

Our Cloud Assessment services help customers realize which of their enterprise applications can be moved over Cloud without compromising aspects of business delivery, IT management and Security.

We assess the customer’s need and provide them with plan and strategy for migrating their applications into the Cloud. Regardless of your business needs, goals or stage of cloud adoption, our team can help you achieve your desired business outcomes.


The process has been divided into three phases:

  • Assessment Phase: We study the customer requirement and identify constraints / concerns specific to the Cloud. This helps us to find out the business functions / applications that are more amenable for transitioning to the Cloud.
  • Strategy Phase: We develop long-term strategy and roadmap for the organization based on study and research already done.
  • Pilot Phase: We implement the Pilot on a Cloud Platform that is most suitable for the customer scenario and also define the roadmap for production implementation for the selected business functions / apps.


  • Improved scalability of business applications
  • Flexible transformation with seamless integration
  • Reliable and cost-effective strategy
  • Agile transformation and application development
  • Greater levels of automation, provisioning and deployment
  • Reduced complexity on infrastructure and resources
  • Adaptability to changing business environment
  • Elasticity by providing enterprises to put right amount of resources at right places in right time

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