How to Change SSH Password? (5 Simple Steps)

How to Change SSH Password from the Cli?

Follow this article to change SSH password in simple steps.

First of all, enable the SSH with this command:

ssh root@YourIP
Change SSH Passsword

Login to your server with SSH

Type this command to change the password.

Change SSH Passsword

The terminal will ask for a password.

Press ‘Enter’ after typing a strong password.

  • Retype the same password, and press enter.

Your password is set.

Change SSH Passsword

What is SSH?

What is SSH?

SSH is known as Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell.

Basically, it is a secure network protocol. SSH helps admins in taking the access to the servers in a secure environment. It sends the command in cryptographic form.

Before the SSH, Telnet was the popular Application Protocol. But it was using the plain text to convey the commands. Overall, it was not a secure protocol.

Therefore, SSH became popular after the release.

The difference between SSH and Telnet is sort of similar to HTTP vs HTTPS.

According to RFC 4252, the Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) is a protocol for secure remote login and other secure network services over an insecure network.

The set of tools makes the communication secure and cryptic.

There are three sets of utilities: slogin, ssh, scp.

Functions of SSH

After enabling the SSH, you can use various fucntions.

Few of them are:

  • Providing access to a network system or devices that are SSH enabled.
  • Making transferring of files secure and interactive
  • File transfer on automation
  • Secured commands execution
  • Securing the management of network infrastructure components.

SSH is also used in various scripts that enable the access of data. 

History of SSH

The first stable version of SSH was appeared in 1995. After Tatu Ylonen designed the original SSH protocol in 1995, he published it as open source.

The first version is already outdated and insecure to use. But with various improvement and updates, SSH is one of the most used application protocol in the industry.

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) iadopted the current version of Secure Shell protocols, SSH-2 as a Standards Track specification.

In Conclusion

SSH is a secure application network protocol.

But changing the passwords at fix interval of time is a good idea.

1 change ssh password

In this article, I told you how to change the SSH password.

I hope you can change SSH password now.

If any doubts, leave the comments below. 

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