Tennishub Case Study

Technology: Magento 2
Website: is a one-stop destination for a tennis enthusiast.

It is an exclusive online tennis store in India founded in 2013 by star Tennis player Vishnu Vardhan and entrepreneur Afroze Khan.

People can purchase high-quality products according to their level and style at play.

Sick of Frequent Downtimes, TennisHub Made the Move to ServerGuy


Frequent downtimes and slow loading times can severely affect the customer’s experience and hence, conversion rate.

Tennishub was previously hosted on CloudWays and was unhappy with website speed and performance.

The site was hosted at Cloudways on Plan (DO96GB) with 96 GB RAM and 20 Core CPU. 

Problems faced by Tennishub

  1. Frequent Downtimes
  2. High Loading Time
  3. In-consistent Website Responses


The founder of Tennishub contacted ServerGuy and asked us if we could do anything to help him.

Our team of professionals assured him that our managed dedicated hosting for Magento platform can improve his site performance by more than 60%.

Optimization of Content Delivery Systems to improve the performance of the e-commerce store. 

Proactive monitoring of the website to constantly keep a check on the server performance.




How We Helped Tennishub?


  1. High Number of Page Requests.
  2. High TTFB (Time to First Byte).
  3. Full Page Cache was not working properly.
  4. Their server resources were under-utilized.


  1. Magento Optimized STACK (Apache, PHP-FPM, MariaDB, Redis)
  2. 16 vCPU and 64 GB RAM Server 
  3. CDN Optimization
  4. Proactive monitoring of the website


  1. Malware Scanning by WAF every 6 hours.
  2. Uptime Monitoring every 60 seconds.
  3. OS level patching.
  4. Fixing the full page cache problem.

The Results

The webpage loading time of TennisHub reduced to <4 seconds and conversion rate boosted by 150%.

Loading Time Improved by 60%

No downtime


TTFB reduced by 70%


“Happy to have moved to Serverguy. Your team ensured the Migrating process was smooth. Now my site loads faster and performs better. Hope you will continue offering the same performance & service and I continue using your server for a long time!”

Afroze Khan Co-founder Tennishub

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