Increasing JadeBlue Speed and Performance by 2X

JadeBlue Case Study

JadeBlue is a popular readymade garments brand from Gujarat. Started from Ahmedabad in 1995, JadeBlue has 22 men’s clothing stores in India with over 100,000 satisfied client base.

The eCommerce store sells all categories of clothes for men. A wide range of men’s wear is available on the website, from casual to party wear and wedding wear.


Zestard jadeblue

The website is created by Zestard Technologies.


The eCommerce store ( is built on Magento 2. After testing multiple Magento hosting, and servers, JadeBlue was unable to find a suitable hosting partner that can reduce their loading time without affecting the functionality and coding of the website.

As the business head of the JadeBlue eCommerce store, Khushali Chauhan understands the value of fast loading websites and how it can improve the conversion rate. 

They wanted a host that does not affect the scripts running on the website, as they were critical to the marketing and analytics. 

To make it fast, JadeBlue tried many other hosting platforms, and tested many Magento extensions.

Also, the Time to First Byte was changing randomly due to caching issues, and the team was jaded to find the solution.

But at the end of the day, they were not happy with the results.

  • Store not fast enough
  • Randomly changing TTFB


After the initial investigation, ServerGuy found that the server and Magento platform is not optimized properly for the high performance.

We made the stage for the site on our cloud and started working on it.

The first step was to tune the server so it can run the Magento at its full potential. Later, we optimized the Magento platform itself for speed.

  • Optimized the server
  • Tuned the Platform specifically for the JadeBlue


  • Hike in-store performance by more than 2x
  • Loading speed increased from 5.4 seconds to 2.7 seconds
  • Largest Contentful Paint reduced from 2.5 s to 1.9 s
  • Total blocking time was decreased from 1.4s to 153ms
JadeBlue Comparison Chart

After turning to ServerGuy, JadeBlue is happy with the store performance and the excellent customer support. With ServerGuy, the JadeBlue team is spending all the time on expanding the eCommerce website and giving support to customers.

Technical Details:

Old ServerServerGuy Cloud
Varnish CacheNoYes
Magento cachingYesYes
CSS/JSS Merge/Min/JSBundlingJS/CSS MergeYes

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JadeBlue is one of the hundreds of Magento stores that use our high-performance hosting to scale their business.

If you are struggling with website speed issues and would like to boost your store’s performance, the ServerGuy team can help you.

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