Full Stack Javascript Developer

ServerGuy is a leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Hosting WordPress & Magento. We are in search of a Full-stack Engineer who can lead our efforts in building and scaling our Cloud PaaS Platform.

Location: Noida

The team will build our next generation hosting platform and provide our customers with new ways to deliver digital experiences to their audiences. This is an exciting and meaningful opportunity both from a technical and career opportunities perspective. Our Stack - ReactJS, NodeJS, Loopback, TypeScript, GraphQL, MySQL, Express, Webpack, Jest, Git, Docker, Nginx


  • Be responsible for web application front-end implementation
  • Create a database which will be used for the project
  • Develop a highly scalable backend API for application functionality
  • Ensure proper coding, testing, and engineering practices are followed
  • Make sure all required security standards are implemented and respected


  • Minimum 3 years of working experience with Javascript including backend and frontend
  • Experience with backend-focused JS (Node, Express, Loopback)
  • Experience with modern JS frontend frameworks (ReactJS)
  • Experience with modern JS tools (Babel, current ECMAScript standards)
  • Experience with static type languages or typing tools for JS (Typescript, Flow, Elm)
  • Experience with databases (MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Experience with JS testing frameworks (Jest, Mocha)
  • Experience with frontend building tools (Webpack, Gulp, Grunt)


  • Experience with the WordPress/Magento stack (PHP, MySQL)
  • Experience with web hosting, server infrastructure, or server management.


  • We have an amazing design (UI and UX) team so development receives fully researched and designed tasks.
  • Everyone has a voice in the development process.
  • Opportunity to work in a dynamically growing international company where what you do has a direct and immediate impact.

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