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Howto Check MySQL Version

How to Check MySQL Version of Server (3 Quick Ways)

Do you want to check MySQL Version of a server? In this article, I will tell you how to check the MySQL version of a …

open source web application firewall

Best Open Source Web Application Firewall to Secure your Web Apps

List of all the best open source web application firewall that are enough to protect your web app if you configure them properly.

Magento Meetup Jaipur 2020

Magento Meetup Jaipur 2020 Highlights

Magento has undergone a revolutionary change in 2019, this year promises even more developments and new exciting features. For the first time ever, Magento Meetup …

Best Cloudflare Alternative

Best Cloudflare Alternative for Faster and Secure Website

Try any of the Cloudflare Alternative, if Cloudflare is not suitable CDN for you. Read about the best Cloudflare Alternatives.

What is WAF?

What is WAF? Why you should implement it now?

What is WAF? Web Application Firewall or WAF protects your website from spam attacks by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic coming from the Internet. WAF offers …

Magento 2 Command List

Magento 2 Commands: A Useful list for Magento Developers

I compiled this Magento 2 Commands list that is useful to anyone who is creating, maintaining, developing, or migrating a magento store. Developers use magento …

best php editor and best php ide

Best PHP Editors and PHP IDE for the Development in 2020

Are you looking for the best PHP Editor or best PHP IDE? If you are beginner web developers, and looking for the best PHP IDE …

serverguy attending meet magneto India

ServerGuy attending the Meet Magento India 2020

India’s largest Magento Meetup – Meet Magento India 2020 – is happening in February, and ServerGuy is excited about the event. Meet Magento is the event to …

attend meet magento mumbai (1)

Why you Must Attend the Meet Magento Mumbai? (2020)

Reasons to attend the Meet Magento Mumbai. Networking to After Party, to build the relationships and meeting with new people, there are many.

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